Established in 2015, Style Me Tactical is the first lifestyle site to blend women's fashion and firearms. Style Me Tactical is a resource and community for women to become inspired, informed, and encouraged to live a lifestyle where being prepared and having the ability to defend oneself can coexist with a woman’s desire to be fashionable.

The SMT Story

Growing Up With Guns

As a child growing up we had guns in the house. My Dad had a handgun, a shotgun, and even a small business selling firearms and ammunition. He would often bring me along to go skeet shooting but I never participated I only observed. What I really remember from those days is seeing the bruises on his shoulders afterwards and not understanding how the kick from the shotgun could be that powerful. At that time I really wasn't interested in learning to shoot, I considered it "boy stuff".    

I don’t ever remember guns being that big of a deal or hot of a topic like it is today.  My Dad would leave his handgun on top of the TV (before there were flat screens, haha!). I don’t know if it was loaded but knowing my Dad, I'm pretty sure it was and I didn’t really know how it worked. I was told not to touch it, so I didn't. I wasn't really curious about them either. Looking back, I realize that this was unacceptable gun safety on his part. I assumed guns were something every family had because I was never raised to see them as taboo. They were common in our house. As I entered high school my thoughts on guns didn't really change, I wasn't for or against them. I didn't even realize it was an issue where people chose sides. I remember flipping through a magazine and coming across an ad that read, "Guns don't kill people, People kill people." I cut it out and hung it on my wall.  

Starting Out

Once I graduated high school and moved out, that was it. No one I met had guns (so I think), talked about guns, or anything about the subject for that matter. Again, I don’t remember it being a big deal. The only time I would hear about them was in the news when they were being used by criminals. Guns never came up in conversation with friends or in any other venue. It was a subject that was the furthest from my mind for the most part of my adult life. Take a big fast forward to 2013, I'm now married and the husband tells me he wants to get a handgun. This came completely out of the blue. It was going to the range with friend that spurred this new interest. The first time I went shooting with the husband it was a real reality check. My heart was pounding, my hands were clammy, and I had an overall feeling of uneasiness as guns were going off all around me. I seriously thought this was supposed to be a fun experience. It was the exact opposite. Badass I was not. Discouraged is how I felt.

My Experience

I wanted to support and embrace this new hobby of the husbands but I was off to a rough start. As I worked to overcome my initial fears the thoughts of myself owning my own gun became to take shape. However, I was still so nervous and new to this idea. What I did know was that even if I didn’t end up buying a gun I wanted to know that I was prepared to use one and could defend myself. I wanted to be responsible for my own safety. So I turned to good ol' Google to start researching and find other women like me. Unfortunately, I didn’t find many places online that were very helpful or that I could really identify and relate with. 

I knew I couldn’t be the only woman out there that was interested in being self-reliant. I wanted to be able to connect with other women that shared my same thoughts, passions, and values. I couldn’t identify with the pink guns and corresponding pink accessories. I couldn't relate to the huntresses or the scantily-clad gun bunnies. I definitely couldn't relate to the outdated articles for women written mostly by men. Where were all my stylish and classy ladies? Didn't they also want to be self-reliant? I was feeling a bit frustrated by the lack of resources when I decided that if I couldn't relate to the information that was out there, then I would put it out there myself. What I came to realize is that this new passion was more about creating a lifestyle. A lifestyle I wanted to embrace and share. 

Sharing is Caring

And so my friends, Style Me Tactical was born. Style Me Tactical is not your traditional lifestyle site. It was created to be a resource and community that blends a love of fashion with a desire to become self-reliant. It's a happy medium that combines style & beauty inspiration along with preparedness advice and my honest experiences being a new female gun owner while also exploring concealed carry style. I know that all women have a desire to look fashionable and wearing the latest trend doesn't mean you have to be any less prepared than someone who lives and breathes the "prepper" lifestyle. In the end, I'm not willing to sacrifice my style to be prepared and neither should you.

I hope that within these pages you find inspiration and encouragement. I want you to leave informed and empowered to step into your daily life with the confidence and knowledge to take responsibility for your own safety. My goal for you is that the content you discover sparks a conversation within yourself, with your families, with your friends, and loved ones.


Closing Thoughts

My sincerest "Thank You" for supporting SMT, sharing it with your friends and family, and helping to build this community of amazing & stylish woman ready to take responsibility of their own safety.

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