Not Your Average Gun Girls | Ep 21 | Dianna Muller

Let me first apologize for the lack of episodes. I feel bad, embarrassed, and annoyed that we haven't published one episode during the month of July, especially when they were recorded.

In this week's episode, Amy and Emily catch up with Dianna Muller at the Hiperfire booth during the NRA Annual Meetings. Dianna fills us in on her competitive shooting and representing the USA.

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Cut-Off Shorts

The cut-off shorts have finally made their debut (well at least here on SMT). It's getting hot and sweaty here in DC. Jean shorts are definitely one of those items I don't really buy each year. The ones that I have and wear (like these) have been in my closet for a couple of years. I definitely don't have the same love for jean shorts as I do for jeans.

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Easy Tops for Concealed Carry

Women often think that carrying concealed also means they have to completely change their wardrobe. That's not true and I'm here to challenge that. You don't have ditch your cute outfits for tactical pants but what you do need to do is shop with a different eye as I've said before. While deciding to carry a concealed firearm is a complete mindset and lifestyle shift, it is very possible for women to carry.

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