Founded in 2015, Style Me Tactical was created because of the need for a necessary mindset and lifestyle shift in how women see self-protection. Style Me Tactical is the first of its kind. It is more than just a lifestyle blog. It is a resource and a community founded on the principle that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their personal style to be self-reliant.


I remember when my eyes were opened to the importance of self-protection. I also remember scrolling endlessly through information and tips and tricks that I couldn’t personally relate to. While the information was valid, most of it just wouldn’t work hand-in-hand with my lifestyle. I never was able to find the perfect way to blend my love of all things fashion and red lipstick with my newly found love for protecting myself. As a female gun owner, I’ve done my time when it came to research and preparedness. However, when it came to how I would integrate these findings into my lifestyle, I knew it was time to take this into my own hands.

I wanted to create a place where other women like me, who were interested in self-reliance and meshing it together with their other areas of life, could come together and find community. I wanted to create a place for women that shared my same thoughts, passions, and values. With a little (okay, a lot) of hard work, Style Me Tactical was born. Here you’ll find a community of women at all stages of their personal protection journeys. Whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or just getting your feet wet when it comes to self-defense, I’m so glad you’re here.

It is my main goal that on these pages, you feel that sense of relief. I hope you get to let out a sigh knowing you’ve found your tribe. It is my goal to share my honest experiences being a female gun owner while also exploring tips, tricks, and style along the way. The Style Me Tactical lifestyle is a combination of all of my favorite things. I’ve combined topics on gun ownership, preparedness tips, beauty, wellness, and other areas so that you can learn to let your love of personal style and self-reliance co-exist.

I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my personal style to be self-reliant, and neither should you.

Meet Emily

Hey, I’m Emily. Just as any good thing requires time and attention, so does being self-reliant. I am a firm believer that there is always room to grow and things to learn, and I created the Style Me Tactical lifestyle to share my (sometimes bumpy) journey with personal protection with the world.

Not wanting to give up my skinny jeans and heels just to protect myself, I knew I had to create a way to blend together all of my loves. Thus began Style Me Tactical. It’s my goal that this space serves as a way to connect readers and badass women like YOU to like-minded women and the information you need to increase your confidence and take responsibility for your own safety. Because if you won’t, who else will!?

I believe that accessories tell a story. I’ve found a way to let my love affair with shoes and fashion coexist with my passion for self-defense. I believe that as women, our greatest asset is that if (okay, when) we make the choice to choose personal protection, we become our own first line of defense. Nobody expects that of us, especially not when we’re clad in our own unique and personal style.

I’m a wife, I work full time, and I run Style Me Tactical because I believe in the importance of sharing my story and all that I’ve learned with you. I believe in empowering women to take their safety into their own hands and live a self-reliant lifestyle. I believe in the power of not only carrying a handbag, but also carrying a defense tool to protect yourself.

Sound like we’d be friends? I think so too.

Follow my journey on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so we can keep in touch. Let’s further our friendship and connect over email; how about subscribing to email updates from SMT? If you know other women who would love to be a part of the Style Me Tactical tribe, I’d love for you to pass it on.

Let’s work together to build this community of strong and stylish women ready to take on the responsibility of their own safety.

xo, Emily

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