Launched in 2015, Style Me Tactical is the first lifestyle site to blend women's fashion and self-reliance. Style Me Tactical is a resource and community for women to become inspired, informed, and encouraged to live a lifestyle where being prepared and having the ability to defend oneself can coexist with a woman’s desire to be fashionable.

Style Me Tactical is not your traditional lifestyle site. It's a happy medium that combines style inspiration along with preparedness tips, my honest experiences being a female gun owner while also exploring concealed carry style and a few other topics sprinkled in such as beauty & wellness. I know that all women have a desire to look fashionable and wearing the latest trend doesn't mean you have to be any less prepared than someone who lives and breathes the "prepper" lifestyle. In the end, I'm not willing to sacrifice my style to be self-reliant and neither should you.

After realizing that the information I found online was either unhelpful, outdated, or written for women by men I felt a little discouraged. I knew I couldn't be the only woman interested in becoming self-reliant. I wanted to be able to connect with other women that shared my same thoughts, passions, and values. I wanted a place we could come together. I wanted to create a space to inspire other women. And so my friends, Style Me Tactical was born.

While you won't find any award-winning writing here what you will find is honest, authentic, and true words written on these pages. I'm here to share my knowledge, tips & tricks, mishaps, and adventures with you in all topics that I'm passionate about such as style, shooting, preparedness, concealed carry, and more. As SMT continues to grow, I will always strive to bring you thought-provoking content and encouraging self-reliance so that you can apply it to your life in a way that is comfortable for you. Inspiring you to live a self-reliant and stylish lifestyle will always remain the core mission of SMT. 

I hope that within these pages you find inspiration and encouragement. I want you to leave SMT informed and empowered to step into your daily life with the confidence and knowledge to take responsibility for your own safety. My goal is that the content you discover inspires you to start a conversation within yourself, with your families, with your friends, and loved ones about being self-reliant. 

My sincerest "Thank You" for supporting SMT, sharing it with your friends and family, and helping to build this community of amazing & stylish woman ready to take responsibility of their own safety.

xo. Emily


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