Welcome to Style Me Tactical

First, Welcome and Thank You so much for finding your way here.
If you read my about page, then you should have a general idea of what you can expect to find here.  However, I wanted to give you more insight and detail on why I'm here and hopefully why you’ll be back.
Let’s rewind to three years ago…
The husband goes to the range for the first time with a friend to do something different.  
Fast forward to today…
The husband now has two 9mm hand guns (Beretta PX4 and Beretta 92G-SD) and his list of firearms he wants to add to the collection is growing.  
Before his first experience at the range we were indifferent on guns.  We never really talked about it but I know we never voiced being against them.  We both grew up with Dads that had guns but that's for a future post.  We both were semi-interested in the world of survival & prepping...talking about bug out bags & home action plans for emergencies.  However, guns never entered into our personal conversations.  That was until about six months after he went to the range for the first time and asked me “What do you think about me getting a gun?”
This is where I come in…
I think my response was something along the lines of ‘Um, okay.’ I had no problem with him getting a gun or us having a gun in the house.  My only issue was with me.  If we were going to have one then I needed to be comfortable & confident using it.  Because deciding to own a gun is a personal decision and a very big responsibility.  
Well guess what? Do you think I'm comfortable & confident using it?  The answer would be NO and now we have two in the house. 
So here I am...with this blog.  I'm trying to find a way to commit, take action, and become self-reliant when TSGD (The Shit Goes Down).  It’s not just about learning about guns but also all things in the realm of being prepared and being able to defend myself.
My thought is that if I commit to blogging about it then I’m more likely to take action – sign up for the gun classes, put some time in at the range, and finally get comfortable and confident enough that I might end up with one of my own.  One of my goals is to hopefully help other women who are feeling like I am and/or in the same situation, trade war stories & secrets, and hopefully learn things from you and myself.  
Yes, there will be a heavy dose of this #2A journey I’m on but as I’m slowly learning, the tactical world is big, covers a lot of ground and I’d like to find my place in it.
As I mentioned on my about page, I also wanted this space to be place for me to share my love of fashion and my personal style.  I’m surely not the only designer loving shoe girl that wants to be able to defend herself. I haven't figured out 100% how that will fit it in but I've got some ideas; possibly outfits, curated picks, and of course shoes.
I’ve got a lot of content I would like to cover under this "lifestyle" umbrella; from guns to style and beauty to preparedness. I just need to find the time. So I sincerely apologize if posts are sporadic but be patient because they will be coming.  The best way to keep up with my latest posts would be by following me on Twitter, Bloglovin', subscribing to updates via email, and/or Instagram. 
So take a look around and I hope you’ll come back  to see where this ride takes me.


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