Concealed Carry Outfit | Holiday Edition #2

For my second concealed carry holiday outfit, I thought I would change things up and ditch the jeans. It's not often that I wear skirts but no time like the holiday season to clean up a bit. This time around I opted to wear a simple tulle skirt. I love this one because it's understated without a lot of volume. I also wanted to dress the look down so I added a denim jacket. You can easily dress this up more by switching the jacket out with a fitted cardigan, layering it with a button down tied at the front, or an embroidered top. However, for concealed carry purposes, I tried this outfit on with a button down and found it a little more restrictive when trying to draw. 

So can you guess where I'm concealing in this outfit? Because I'm in a skirt you might think the easiest option would be thigh holster but I'm actually carrying inside the waistband.

Concealed Carry Skirt Outfit
Can Can Concealment Holster

I recently purchased the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Holster to use with my both my fullsize HKVP9 and subcompact Glock 43. With this outfit, I preferred my compact Glock 43 rather than my full size. I was a bit uncertain about how this hip hugger style holster would hold up on my body and also while drawing. I was pleasantly surprised that my Glock 43 felt secure and so did the holster. I never felt that is was shifting or falling down, which was one of my original concerns. I want to play around more with this holster because it has a few other carry options that I think will come in handy for different outfits. I also like this holster because it also sucks you in ;) 

Concealed Carry Fashion Women
Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Holster
Concealed Carry Glock 43


Gun: Glock 43 | Holster: Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger


Jacket: Gap | Top: Nordstrom | Skirt: Zara {similar} | Necklace: Bauble Bar {similar}| Bag: Chanel | Shoes: EGO

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