Concealed Carry Outfit | Glock 43

When I first started SMT, I knew that concealed carry style was something that I wanted to introduce outside of my normal "outfit" posts. So when I started to receive questions about where I would carry in those outfits I realized that in addition to answering those questions why not also repurpose the outfit to showcase where I would carry concealed.


:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Glock 43 | Holster: StealthGearUSA Ventcore Appendix c/o | Belt: Rag & Bone {similar}

Glock 43 Concealed Carry Women
Glock 43 Stealth Gear Holster
Concealed Carry Glock 43

The majority of my outfits usually consist of a baggy t-shirt paired with a blazer or light jacket. This makes concealed carry a bit easier as the jacket hides any noticeable printing that might not be hidden from the shirt. This t-shirt is one of my favorites - it's soft, comfy, and I like the way it looks. However, you might notice that it's a bit semi-sheer in places as it has a bit of that heathered look. Even with the sheerness it was still difficult to notice any dark spots where I was carrying unless you were really looking for it. Adding a cropped bomber jacket to my outfit gave me complete concealability.  It also helped that I chose to carry my Glock 43 in this StealthGearUSA holster. This might be my favorite holster for my G43 because of its slim & compact profile. It easily fits appendix style, it's comfortable to move around in, and is easy to draw from.  I'm still messing around with adjusting the cant of the holster and finding what position works best for me.  Personally, I'm finding that when the holster and firearm are sitting too low, I stumble a bit more when drawing. 


:: Outfit Details ::

Bomber: Mural via Nordstrom {love this, this, and this one} | Shirt: Rag & Bone | Jeans: Rag & Bone | Bag: Leather Couture | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik {old} | Belt: Rag & Bone {similar}

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