A Little Holiday Concealed Carry Outfit

While I’m still playing “house” with my concealed carry gun I though it might be fun to put together a holiday outfit that I would wear out or even in. When the husband and I do date night in, I always get dressed as if we were going out. I like to wear my heels while we cook and enjoy each other’s company. So doing date night in for the holiday is the perfect time for me to continue practicing carrying around my house. When I’m carrying at home I don’t change anything that I’m doing. Meaning, if I’m going to cook, clean, or be on my laptop I do all those things while carrying. I want to get as comfortable with the gun being on my person as much as possible but also see if there are any obstacles I might run into that I’m not aware of. It’s better to figure this out at home than when I’m out and could potentially expose my firearm.

Also, it’s important to note because I don’t think that I mentioned this in my previous Style Me Concealed posts that during this time of carrying at home, I’m carrying my gun unloaded. I’ve checked that it’s clear and proceed to carry. Again, this is all personal preference. Since I’m so new to this lifestyle I wanted to take one variable off the table while learning. The point of me carrying at home is to learn and get comfortable and since I really don’t know what to expect with carrying or if I need to move things around, carrying my gun unloaded is what works for me.

So with date night scheduled, I'm sharing a simple holiday look that you could easily wear to lunch with the girls, dinner with the guy, or to a non-formal party. Personally, I've found it easiest for me to carry concealed in jeans which is perfect for me since I can't live without my favorite denim. So it was a no brainer that I would style at least one concealed carry holiday look in jeans. You might be thinking that jeans aren’t exactly holiday party appropriate. Well, if you are hitting a black tie or more formal affair, then obviously no.  But a gathering with friends and family, almost anything goes. The best way to incorporate denim into your holiday look is to pick a wash that's dark and non-distressed. The darker wash lends to a more formal look. Then add a festive sweater and a fun pair of heels - don't be afraid of some sparkle or glitter this time of year. Finally, finish it off with a red lip.

I found this cozy and festive sweater a great option for concealing a full-size firearm. But you want to carry what you're comfortable with. This sweater is actually oversized but I sized down to an extra-small. I didn't want to be swimming in it but it's still loose enough for concealed carry. I also shifted my appendix carry position, still using my StealthGearUSA AIWB holster. I moved it over to the left a bit to help conceal the grip of the gun. I guess technically this is considered a cross-draw. What I found in this position is that I noticed that the firearm/holster was shifting a bit - starting to angle up which I presume is from the sitting and moving around.

I also know that this holster has one clip whereas others I’ve seen have two clips so maybe that might be part of the issue of the firearm/holster shifting. Possibly too it could be the belt. I still haven’t found a legit concealed carry belt that I like. However, I like my jeans skin tight so there shouldn’t be much movement.

Just a friendly reminder, guns and alcohol don’t mix. So if you plan to attend a holiday party and carry your firearm, don’t partake in the booze.

conceal carry outfit women
concealed carry outfit women


Gun: Heckler & Koch VP9 | Holster: Stealth Gear IWB | Belt: Gap

women concealed carry
holiday concealed carry outfit


Sweater: Anthropolgie (wearing an XS) | Jeans: Paige Denim | Shoes: Rachel Roy {similar} | Bag: YSL | Belt: Gap

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