Going Stealth In Concealed Carry Leggings

Probably one of the best parts of cold weather are the cozy oversized sweaters (are there any good parts to the cold?!). I love them and live in them during this time of year. I have about two that end up on heavy rotation this time of year, this being one of them. A few weekends ago, before it got insanely cold, I wanted a more casual vibe for meeting a friend for brunch so I pulled out my new stealth leggings from Alexo Athletica. I have their signature leggings and their floral camo leggings and love them. If you’ve been an SMT reader from the beginning then you know I’m a ride or die jean kind of girl. It’s rare you’ll find me in dresses and even more rare you’ll find me rocking leggings unless I’m working out or lounging at home. I have nothing against women that live in their leggings, it’s just never been me. I’d rather wear jeans. To be honest, the only reason I wear these leggings is because of the many pockets; one being that I can carry a self-defense tool so effortlessly. No belt or holster required. And I’m not exactly sure how they’ve done it but all their leggings make my legs look slimmer and I’ll take it. Okay, so maybe there are two reasons I wear their leggings.

I’ve typically kept my outfits with the signature pant and floral camo leggings more on the athleisure/daytime side and mainly because both of those leggings have that workout vibe. I’ve wanted to wear my signature leggings out at night with heels but the reflective stripes always stopped me because I didn’t want it to look like I was wearing workout leggings on date night. So I just kept with my jeans until Alexo dropped these Stealth leggings. All black; all me. There are no reflective stripes that give it that workout feel and they are are just a tad shorter so they expose a little more ankle, which make them great for showing off my shoes. They have definitely up’d my weekend and date night game since I have another option other than jeans. And more importantly, I don’t feel like I’m in “workout wear” when I wear these.

As I said, for weekend brunch, I kept it semi-casual throwing on my cozy oversized sweater and my leather slip-on’s. I was able to carry my HKVP9SK confidently and comfortably. I did also throw on my puffy North Face vest over the sweater before heading out. After all, it is winter. It was the perfect Sunday brunch look to be comfortable but not too casual. I’ve also paired these Stealth leggings with a blouse, blazer and heels and it’s such a cute look. (You can check out this post to see how else I have styled these leggings.) Does this mean I’m going to be ditching jeans? Not a chance. But I love having the option for a more dressed up look with these leggings without having to deal with added bulk of a holster and/or belt.

— Concealed Carry Tip —

As with any new holster, be sure you are testing it out at home before going out in public. The last thing you should be doing is fidgeting with your holster setup after you’ve left the house. If concealed carry leggings are new to you, then take the time to ensure you know how they will work carrying your defense tool of choice. Alexo Athletica does recommend when carrying a firearm you opt for one that weighs 23 oz or less when loaded. The HKVP9SK when loaded weighs a little bit more and I personally haven’t had any issues carrying it in any of the Alexo leggings. However, you might have a different experience. Everyone’s bodies, daily activities, and firearm choices are different. The waistband on these leggings are reinforced and have built in retention to carry your self-defense tool but that is based on it being 23 oz or less. So keep that in mind. The point is to make sure you carry in a way that is comfortable for you and your lifestyle.

— Concealed Carry Details —

Self-Defense Tool: Heckler & Koch VP9SK | Holster: Alexo Athletica Stealth Leggings* | Pocket Knife: CRKT Cobia Folding Knife
(use code ALEXOSMT10 for 10% off)

— Going Stealth with Alexo Athletica Outfit Details

Shop exact (when still available) and budget-friendly items that are similar/inspired-by pieces from this look that are less than $100.
Sweater: Nordstrom | Leggings: Alexo Athletica | Shoes: Miu Miu | Bag: Baggu | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Sour Cherry

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