Beach Please

I’m currently in Cancun, Mexico soaking up as much of the sun and beach as I can before heading back to the real world. I am definitely a beach kind of girl. How about you? I just love relaxing by the ocean, listening to the waves crash against the shore while reading a book and turning off my brain. The husband’s family comes to Cancun every year and it’s something they’ve been doing since he was in high school. When we first met we came down yearly to join his family but sadly, as of the late we haven’t had the time. We haven’t been able to make it down since 2016. However, I am so grateful for this time here now. It feels like home. It’s been awesome not worrying about the time or what day it is. The only time I care about is when it’s happy hour ;)

Everyone needs a break. A time to reset and recharge and, for me, laying on the beach is my favorite way to do it. I needed it. The great thing about a beach vacation is that you don’t have to pack much. As much as I’m not a fan of shorts, I’m pretty happy to be wearing shorts and sandals versus my parka jacket. I’m not looking forward to going back to the cold but that is not something I need to think about until I’m on the plane back home.

— What I'm Wearing —

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Shirt: Gap (old) | Shorts: American Eagle | Sandals: Dolce Vita | Bag: Hat Attack | Bag Tassle | Flash Tattoos | Bracelets (old; bought in Mexico) | Lipstick: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral Tinted

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