My Own Super Hero Cape

I have a couple of long duster coats/sweaters in my closet. I technically wouldn’t classify them as a “coat.” It’s more like a long shirt that you probably could totally wear as a dress but I’d definitely recommend adding a few more buttons unless you want to show off the goodies to everyone. LOL. Compared to the other longer duster “coats” I wear, this is the only one that catches the air and wind so it always remains pretty open. I don’t mind that because it shows off the rest of what I’m wearing.

I have a tendency to walk a bit faster pace than most, it’s the city girl in me. So when I’m walking along, the bottom flares up and I kind of feel like a super hero. You know how when Batman walks his cape just kind of trails behind him and he looks so badass. It kind of feels like that except I’m not Batman. LOL. I do love this coat for layering, it’s got good weight to it without it being heavy feeling. Plus, it has pockets. How can you not love that?!

— What I'm Wearing —

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Duster Coat: BB Dakota | Shirt: Rag and Bone | Jeans: AG Jeans | Boots: Tony Bianco | Bag: Treasure & Bond | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Sour Cherry

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