Chambray in the Caribbean

I’m back from the family cruise to the Caribbean. I think I need a vacation from the vacation…between the 18 of us, the group text and photo stream might’ve reached record numbers. It was an awesome time celebrating my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. We saw some shows, ate some great food, visited a couple islands, and had some good laughs. The fam managed to drink all the wine they brought..somewhere like 12 bottles on top of what was ordered during the meal #missionaccomplished.

This is only my 2nd cruise and as I previously mentioned, it’s not my first choice for a vacation. However, I would cruise again on this ship or similar. We were on the Harmony of the Seas ship by Royal Caribbean and it had everything. From a gym, to juice bar, coffee shop, shopping, fine dining plus all the standard things you might find on the cruise ship…pools and lots of food. I was actually really surprised by the entertainment offered. They had musicals like Grease and other shows with pretty big production value. It was a big a hit with the fam and the nieces and nephews loved it too.

The ship stopped in the Bahamas (Cocoa Cay, St. Thomas, and St. Maartin. We checked out the little towns but didn’t do any excursions because if you’ve ever been on a cruise ship you’ll the know the best time to actually be on the ship is when everyone is off the ship. So we headed into town first thing then were back by lunch to grab a bite, a cocktail, and lounge by the pool.

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