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:: What I'm Wearing ::

Jacket: Zara {old}
Shirt: J. Crew
Jeans: AG Jeans
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle Follies'
Necklace: Bauble Bar {similar}
Lipstick: Nars in 'Funny Face'

Well hey there friends! Long time no see :) I'm back from one amazing vacation and trying to get back into the grind of adulting. Let me tell you that struggle is real right now ;)

For those that asked, yes I will be doing recaps/travel guides from the places I visited. However, it might be awhile before I get to them but they will be coming. I've got a few SMT things that are in the works and I need to handle some of that first.

Did you guys enjoy my Post Rewinds? What did you think? Did you like that take on viewing some older posts? I know a lot of bloggers will post new articles during their vacation of their vacation but for now that's not how I roll. I need time to disconnect and be away from my computer. I stare at one all day during my day job and then at night for SMT so it's a important for me (& my eyes) to step away. Afterall, I'm on vacation.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I'll be spending the next few days catching up on life, laundry (the worst), social media, and over snuggling with my fur babies. Plus, the weekend is packed with plans to catch up with friends, we got a hockey game (Let's Go Caps!), and a concert to go to. I'm tired just thinking about it but nothing like jumping right back into life. 


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