Coffee Date: Mindset

The coffee date series on SMT is probably one my favorites (hello, because coffee is life) and one that continues to evolve in terms of the content. However, it’s purpose for being started remains the same. It’s a way for us to connect further through virtual conversations. So at the beginning, coffee date was all about the q&a. Then it moved to interviews with awesome women in the industry. Now it’s about taking action, being accountable, and continuing to build a community of women who want to be self-reliant.  I wanted to take a step back and talk with you guys open and honestly about the SMT lifestyle.

So grab a coffee or cocktail and let’s chat about mindset.

— Mindset —

As far back as I can remember I've always either been told about or heard about the power of positive thinking. I remember hearing about the role that the mind plays and the power it has on our overall attitude and character. I can still hear my brother’s voice tell me “mind over matter” when I would go to him with whatever I might be dealing with at that moment. I’ve read books about this and I've also heard coaches, motivational speakers, and heroes give amazing and uplifting speeches to their teams and audiences about visualizing their path, their win, their reality, and their accomplishments. What it all really comes down to is mindset. 

Mindset isn’t a new concept by any means but the term “mindset” seems to have been really gaining popularity over the last several years. I feel like almost my entire life it was always referred to as your attitude. In high school, there was a poster in one of my classrooms that read “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.” [Insert major eye roll]. I totally understand the meaning (now) but I still really detest that saying. My teacher always referred to this poster and it just annoyed me probably because I was little bit of a punk in high school.

But what that poster said is really talking about mindset, right? It's interesting how much mindset plays a role in every aspect of our lives. From wanting to accomplish our goals to becoming a better version of ourselves. Within the SMT lifestyle, it’s about asking yourself the question “What would I do in this situation?" Implanting that question is the start of getting you into the mindset of taking your personal safety seriously and taking action for it. It opens up the door for you to consider your safety, your preparedness level, and to start that conversation with yourself.

For me, that’s the easiest place to start. When I’m out and about in my daily life I ask myself a few key questions: Am I aware of my surroundings? Am I prepared to handle myself if something were to happen? These questions weren’t really part of my daily life pre-SMT to the extent that they are today. I was always situationally aware but now because I’ve educated myself and I chose to accept this lifestyle I now know more. When I’m out, getting coffee, shopping, walking down the street, my mindset is different. It’s almost like a switch has been turned on that has always been off. And I’m so thankful for that.

I know that this can come off as being paranoid. Like, “what am I so scared of?” But it’s not paranoia, it’s about being prepared. It’s about understanding the reality of the world we live in and not turning a blind eye to it. Realizing that we are our own first responders and if something were to happen that you are adequately able to handle the situation.

Asking yourself these questions will start the conversation within yourself that allows you to embrace a new mindset. While the SMT lifestyle is all about self-reliance, I came to realize that once I welcomed this new mindset and started living it, it was a lot easier to give myself that mental reality check when I needed it. I’m able to ask myself, “where’s my mindset at?” and use that to change the direction my day.

We all have bad days and days when we feel like life isn’t going our way but we have the power to change that with our mindset. We have the power to be self-reliant by changing our mindset. Start today by holding yourself accountable. The best part is It’s free. You just need to have an open mind and be ready to accept positive changes. For those of you that are new to SMT what can you start doing today to change your mindset and start taking responsibility for your own safety? How are you going to start that conversation with yourself and are you ready for what you might learn about yourself? For those SMT veterans out there, what types of tricks and tips do you have that keep you sharp and accountable?

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