Coffee Date | No. 01


Good afternoon friends! I'm getting this post out a little later than I expected today but nonetheless welcome to a brand new series. I had mentioned in my last 2015 post that new things were coming to SMT and this is one of them.  I'm super excited to bring you a new monthly series called Coffee Date. If you haven't already figured it out by my endless amounts of coffee 'grams (follow me here) than let me tell you...I love coffee. Not just for the caffeine but for the taste and warm fuzzy feeling I get when I drink an amazing cup of coffee.  Plus, I'm never one to say no to some latte art. 

So what's this Coffee Date series going to be about? You can think of it sort of as a Q&A.  Our own monthly coffee date between you and me. You ask me questions and I answer.  This can be anything from style, prepping, blogging, shooting, and beauty. If you want to know, I'll answer - I'll even answer some personal questions so long as they aren't too personal. Depending on how many questions come in during the month, my plan is answer between 5 - 10. I wanted a new way to connect with you, my readers, so we could bond a bit further through this technology driven world.  So without further adieu shall we get started?

What lipstick are you wearing in this post (3rd photo)? 
The brand is Nars and the color is Dragon Girl. I got it in their Steven Klein holiday collection.  However, they sell it on it's own. Also, I hear its one of Taylor Swift's go to reds.

What platform do you use for you blog?
I use Squarespace. It's super user friendly while also allowing for extra development if needed.

When did you first get involved with shooting?
About two/three years when the husband became interested. You can read more about my gun journey here.

Do you blog full time?
No, I have a full-time job in IT. I work on SMT in my free time.

What's you're favorite store to shop?
Nordstrom. I call it 'The Mothership' - it really is the best. So many departments with classic & trend pieces. Plus, you can't be their customer service.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend. I'll be heading to Las Vegas to attend SHOT Show. Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (username: stylemetactical) for some behind the scenes action from the show and trip.