Coffee Date | No. 9

Happy Friday friends! Gotta love short work weeks because Friday comes that much faster right? It's been a busy few weeks but in a good way. The weekend before last I was in Denver visiting some friends and had a blast (it wasn't long enough). We checked out some cool parts of the city and also hit up Black Eye Coffee (where today's photo is from). You know I love my coffee and if the beans happen to also be accompanied by a cute cafe I'll take it. But Black Eye Coffee is anything but cute...more like edgy chic, more like when can I move in?! Dried black roses filled vases, black painted walls, velvet chairs, the white marble subway tile were all things I could see in a future home of mine. And c'mon the 'coffee' inlay in the could I not snap a photo?! Not only was the place perfectly designed, their barista was super nice and gave me the run down on their different coffee offerings so I could snag a bag to bring back home. I love picking up beans from different places. I'm kind of kicking myself for not picking up one of their black & white striped water bottles. I'll save it for next time though. If you're ever out in Denver, I suggest giving this place a try. Oh and also, let me mention they serve food and it was good...peanut butter bacon pancakes & avocado toast #yesplease.

Also, I just want to thank you all for your support and encouragement on my Style Me Concealed series that launched this week. I love reading all your comments and emails.

Well, it's that time? Do you have your coffee ready? I just cracked open a La Colombe Draft Latte.


You always make distressed skinny jeans look good. All the ones I find are always too ripped. Do you have any recommendations for a pair that are similar to the ones you wear and are under $100? There's definitely a point when distressed jeans can look a bit trashy. I prefer ones that have a lot of frayed markings and smaller holes. My latest ones that I love are from Blank NYC and are only $88 (worn here and here). They are super comfy and the distressing on the knee comes patched so you know it will always look like that. Blank NYC makes a few pairs of distressed jeans all under $100.  Keep in mind that I've have found that I need go down a size in their jeans. Here are a few more options that I like for under $100: Blank NYC $88, Vigoss $64, Lucky Brand $99 on sale for $60, and this cute black pair by Articles of Society $59. I've linked these and a few more below:

How did you find your shooting instructor? I've only used one shooting instructor during my Girl Meets Gun series. He was actually the instructor for the NRA First Steps pistol class I had to take in order to own a firearm in DC. That class included live fire range time. So when I was looking into instructors I reached out to him first to see if he offered lessons. If you're looking for an instructor check with your local shooting range. Most of them can recommend someone or even have someone at the range that offers lessons.

Are you still on Snapchat? I haven't seen you post in awhile? Hmmm....sort of. I've been sticking to using InstaStories but let me say that I don't post that often. So you aren't missing a whole lot. Call me lazy and not wanting to open another app but InstaStories is just a lot more convenient to use. I could post to both InstaStories and Snapchat but I don't want to duplicate content mainly because I know most of you follow me on both. And personally, I follow people on both and have started unfollowing people on Snapchat because they are posting the same thing to their InstaStories. 

I couldn't find these sandals linked on your shop page or LTK. You always wear them and I love them. Where did you get them?  I always get questions about these sandals. What's funny is that when I wear them and think about posting my outfit to IG, I always question it because they are so old and are a bit beat up looking. I got these about six years ago in Athens, Greece. I had them handmade from a sandal guy. They are comfy and the leather just keeps getting darker with wear.  However, there are a lot of brands that make this style sandal. Try these and these (under $36).

Where do you get the bandana's you use on your tote bagsThe bandana's on my tote bags are the standard print pattern and I get them from Amazon. Nothing fancy and they're pretty inexpensive. The ones I wear around my neck I get at Free People, Urban Outfitters, or Nordstrom. I've used some of those on my bags/totes as well but like using the cheaper ones for every day use. 

Thanks so much for sending in your questions! I love reading and answering them.

Hope you have a great weekend. Cheers!