Coffee Date | No. 10

Happy Friday & Happy Veteran's Day. It's been awhile since we've had our monthly #CoffeeDate wouldn't you say? I missed you guys and I'm excited to be back at it. I love connecting with you during this monthly 'chat' so to speak so I hope you love it too. I'm a little extra tired this morning. It was a late night out. The husband & I went to see Reel Big Fish in Baltimore. They were celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album, Turn The Radio Off. They played the entire album along with some other hits. It was such a great show. You still catch some of it on my InstaStories (@stylemetactical). So staying up late and being up early means extra coffee for me.  

So shall we do this? Do you have your cup? Mine is piping hot and smells so good.


I remember reading that you commute to work. I'm looking for a pair of black flats that I could wear that are cute but comfortable. What do you wear? Yes, I do commute to work - I take the metro and/or walk so comfy shoes are important. I have had a few different pairs of black flats that I switch between. However, these are the ones I've been wearing as of late. They are super comfortable, stay on the foot, and actually look cute on. They are currently on sale. During the summer I was wearing something similar to these. They aren't as comfortable but I liked the cutout style for the hot days. I stick to black ballet style flats because if I need to run errands during the day, meet up with friends on my way home from work, the style is classic and still looks cute with skirts or pants. 

I need that gold foiled lipstick you were wearing in your InstaStories, where can I get it? The lipstick I was wearing is set from Pat McGrath. It's part of her lip lab collection. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it online anymore, I think it's sold out. The kit I bought is Lust 004. You could easily achieve the look with a long wearing vampy lip color and a gold highlight or eyeshadow. After applying the lipstick, just dust the eyeshadow on the lips in a ombre/gradient pattern and voila. 

I loved followed your trip to Asia but I'm curious as to what to pack & how to avoid overpacking. I'm going next year and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do you have any tips/suggestions? I have a ton of tips and suggestions. I'm actually working on a post about this. In the meantime though, check out the bundling method for packing. We use this method all the time and you can pack so much more. The method touts itself for keeping things wrinkle free (which it does) but it also maximizes space in my opinion. It's what works for us. Also, start planning what you want to bring early and make edits to it as you get closer. Hope that helps. I'll have a lot more information in a future post.

I'm looking to somewhat splurge on a new bag as a birthday gift to myself. I wanted a crossbody and didn't want to spend more than $500, do you have any brand suggestions? That's a nice birthday gift & happy birthday to you. There are lots of designers now that are making bags at that price point. A few to check out are Rebecca Minkoff (this is a great bag, the grey color is gorgeous, she is more on the lower spectrum of your budget but still great options), Marc Jacobs (in love with this one), and Coach. All these brands have classic styles as well some on-trend and the leather quality is really good. 

You share a lot of tips about being prepared that I find very helpful. I was wondering if you brought any "prepper" items with you on your vacation? Yes, we did. We had a small pouch that we put in a check bag that held a few medical supplies, a tactical flashlight, swiss army type tools, and every day carry knife. It's wasn't anything big but it was a few things that we could make due with for small/minor issues. 

Hope you al have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. 


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