Coffee Date | No. 11

Happy Friday Saturday friends! How has your week been? I'm currently down in #NOLA celebrating the holidays with the husband & in-laws. Last time we were here was back in March and let me say that I miss that weather. It's pretty cold here...apparently some cold front is coming through and it decided to land as soon as we did. I didn't pack properly for this weather. However, that's okay because I've got beignets and chicory coffee to keep me warm. Oh and the gloves and beanie I bought yesterday :)

So I've got cafe au lait and I'm ready for our #CoffeeDate. Are you?

Photo Dec 09, 15 41 01.jpg

I've noticed that you wear Modern Vice boots a lot. How do they fit and how is the quality? I'm looking for a cute ankle boot for the colder months. Yes I do. I love this brand so much that I own 12 pairs of their boots. I know that might seem excessive but to me they are that good. They fit true-to-size. I'm normally a 8.5 and I think all but one pair of my boots from them are 38.5. I might have a 39 in one of my first pairs. The quality is really good and they hold up. I own so many because I really beat them to death in the fall & winter. It's really the only low heel boot I own and wear. The leather molds to your foot over time and they just get more comfortable.  Plus, they make them in so many awesome leathers and textures that it's hard to not want them all. My favorite style is the Jetts and then I have the Handlers as well. The Handler is a great basic style ankle boot. They will go with everything from jeans to skirts. If you want something with a bit more edge, go with the Jetts.

I'll be in DC for a night next month. Do you have any recommendations for great places to grab drinks? How fun. I loving grabbing cocktails in the city. A few of my favorite places for drinks are:

  • Copycat Co. on H St. NE

  • Kapnos on 14th - also get their trio of greek spreads

  • Graffiato has Prosecco - get their flatbread and pepperoni sauce

  • The Passenger in Shaw

Where are your skull fingerless gloves from? They are from Skull Cashmere. I have a pair in black and in grey. They are cashmere and keep my hands pretty warm. I like the fingerless aspect because I can still do daily tasks with them on. They are a bit pricey though so I usually wait for them to go on sale. Check their site around Christmas or any other holiday as they usually are offering some type of discount.

My skin is becoming really dry as the weather gets colder. Are you still using the Chanel moisturizer? Ugh...winter dry skin is so annoying. I'm am still using the Chanel but I recently bought the Boscia Hydrating Gel and so far I'm loving it.  The Boscia gel is light, very hydrating, and has a cooling sensation after application. It's also half the price! I'm still using the Chanel moisturizer at night though because I feel like my skin is more dry then. Also, the only gripe I have with the Boscia moisturizer is the container it comes it. It's not a simple screw off top with all the product in a pot. It's a weird kind of pump so it's hard to really manage the amount of product you get. 

Are you going to be posting a recap of your trip to Hong Kong? I'm going next year and curious if you have any suggestions. Yes, I am and I'm sorry it's taking me a bit longer than I would've liked to get the post together. I'm hoping I'll will go-live this month but if not, January for sure. 


Hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks so much sending in your questions. I'm off to get more coffee to help keep me warm in this cold.