Coffee Date | No. 13

Happy Friday, my friends! How's it going? I'm happy it's the weekend but I'm always happy when the weekend rolls around. I'm feeling good and feel like I've had a productive week. That's always a good feeling, right?! And considering I feel like I've had a rather slow start to 2017, it's a good thing. It only took me three months but better late than never right?!

I'm specifically excited for tomorrow, it's 3-11 Day (Happy 311 Day to all you excitable ones) and 311 will be announcing their summer tour. So I'm super stoked for that.  I love this time of year because all of my favorite bands start touring and announcing dates. On my list of shows this year is Green Day, Against Me!, Deftones, 311, New Politics...just to name a few.

Alright enough with the blabber, shall we get this coffee date started? What's in your mug this morning? 


Do you have any concealed carry top ideas for a mom of three who has a bit of extra flab around the waist? They make this same top with a peplum hem. It's a bit longer and peplum style tops are great for disguising any type of bulk around the waist. I think they are a great option for concealed carry because you have minimal to no printing and the firearm is easily accessible. When shopping for peplum tops though look for ones that fit you around the bust and then flare out. If the entire top is loose especially around the bust you won't have any shape. Also pair the peplum tops with a skinny jean to balance the flare around the waist. Another top option I like are tunics. This is one of my favorites that I wear all the time. Tunics are typically longer in length and bit more flowy so any type of printing is minimalized. I wear these tunics with a Spanx type camisole underneath. I wear the camisole behind my concealed carry firearm. I find that it sucks everything in so I'm not self-conscious about any extra bulging or printing from the firearm. One other trick with flowy tops is to stick with darker colors as they hide any bulge and makes printing less visible.

Do you have any tips for being comfortable while traveling and carrying concealed? I'm going to a convention next month and also spending extra time in the city. I have been trying to think about what I want to bring, need to bring, while not looking like an obvious tourist. I personally haven't traveled and carried concealed...yet. There is a lot to think about and additional planning/research that goes into that. It's on my list of posts to write but I also don't want to write about it until I've actually experienced it a few times. If you're flying you have to take into consideration the TSA regulations and check a bag. Additionally, you have to know what the country/state/local laws are for where you are going. Unfortunately, a lot of states have very different laws regarding concealed carry. If you're driving across states, then spend some time learning their travel laws for how you need to secure your firearm.  Also, I know many conventions or trade shows don't allow any patrons to bring in weapons. So that's another thing to consider. For me at the minimum, I'm always carrying around my purse essentials (minus any TSA regulated items if I'm flying). Depending on how you are traveling, this is the bare minimum of what I consider my purse essentials. It's not much but it's better than nothing. You can also add/remove items based on what EDC tools you prefer. Lastly, no matter where you are traveling to one thing you should always be mindful and aware of is your surroundings

In regards to not looking like an obvious thing would be to opt for a crossbody bag or more stylish backpack. Something in real/faux leather or with some texture and leave the college style backpack at home. You can fit your purse essentials and then some along with your camera, water, phone, and anything else you might need for playing tourist. During my trip to Asia last year, I opted for a backpack. For a lot of my other travels and for SHOT Show, I went with a crossbody, which is my go to.

Your post regarding picking a handgun was extremely helpful to me. What other guns were you considering before you decided on the HK VP9? I'm so glad that you found it helpful. There were a total of three guns that I was deciding on and they were the HK VP9, Walther PPQ, and the Sig Sauer P226. I finally decided that out of the three that the Sig felt the least comfortable in my hands so I took that one out of the running. I went to the range to test out the VP9 and PPQ. Aftering running a few rounds through each I was going back to the VP9. I really loved how it felt in my hands and how it shot.

I'm looking for a black leather jacket that won't break the bank. The one you've been wearing in your recent Instagram posts is really beautiful but it's out of my budget. Do you have any recs? Thank you so much. You can definitely get some nice looking leather jackets on a budget. My favorite affordable suede jacket comes from Blank NYC (worn here). Their Morning Suede Moto always comes in a variety of colors and it's under $200. The best part is they often times go on sale. I got mine for $130. I've been eyeing the cloud grey color. It's gorgeous. They also make some really nice leather ones too. This moto style is a little on the higher price coming in at $350 but I've seen it on sale for less than $300. Another brand I like is BB Dakota. They make some really cute jackets that are around the $300 price point. One last place to check is Zara. They sell a combo of leather and faux leather jackets. I've only bought their faux leather jackets in the past. Some of their real leather jackets are around $200 but I didn't think the quality was all the great.

I saw on your InstaStory that you were carrying while you were at home cooking. I don't carry when I'm at home so I'm just curious as to why you do?  For me carrying at home is part of my training. I want to be as comfortable as possible doing everyday things. I want to understand the type of adjustments I need to make with my body movements and so forth. I'm finding this is helpful for when I'm in public because I'm more familiar with how concealed carry may limit otherwise natural movements. 


I hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks so much sending in your questions. This is one my favorites to post about every month. And if you've got a question don't be shy, send them over via the contact pageDM on Instagram, FB, or email.