Coffee Date | No. 14

Happy Friday friends! How's it's going? I hope you're having a great week. My Friday morning was spent at the dentist. On a better note, it is the weekend and apparently summer is starting weather wise. I would like to have just a few weeks of a legit spring. What do you guys have planned for the weekend? In our house it's hockey 24/7 right now as its playoff time and we are keeping our fingers crossed the Caps make it passed round 2. Besides hockey and trying to get a bunch of stuff done around the house, I'm trying to keep it low key.

So now that I'm actually on my 2nd cup of coffee how about we get this coffee date going?

If you were going to invest in one designer purse which one would you buy recommend? I'm looking for something timeless and am ready to make my first designer bag purchase. That's really exciting that you're ready to buy your first designer bag. I definitely would say go with Chanel. I would look specifically at the 2.55 flap, classic flapor boy bag. The 2.55 was originally designed by Coco Chanel herself and released in February 1955 (hence 2.55). The classic flap with the double CC lock was designed by Karl Lagerfeld is very iconic and definitely one you see the most. The boy bag is the newest of the shapes and has definitely become a staple for the brand but right now it's not as classic and timeless as the other two. However, you can't go wrong with either of the three.  Happy Shopping!

I noticed that you have some spare mag holsters but don't always use them. Where do you carry your spare mags when you use a traditional holster? Of all holsters I have, the one with the spare mag and the stand-alone spare mag holster get used the least. This is mainly for two reasons. First, it adds too much extra bulk & weight around my waist than I want. Second, personally I don't feel the need to carry an extra mag on my body. Of course I can't predict the situations I'll be in but my thought is that if I'm in situation where I need to use more than one mag I probably have bigger problems I need to worry about. If I do want to carry a spare mag, I can throw one in my purse.

What were the names of the Chanel nail polishes you posted on your InstaStory? The latest two Chanel polishes I bought were Sargasso (558) which looks a bit like gunpowder. It's not a solid black but more a really dark charcoal. The other I got was Washed Denim (566). This one switches between looking like a grey and a muted green sort of like the color of money.

The SureFire flashlights you recommended are great but do you have any budget-friendly recommendations? I like the SureFire brand because their quality is great and they are made in the USA.  Both MagLite and Coast are good affordable options, MagLite is also made in the USA.  I own both of those brands as well but rely more on my SureFire lights for EDC and preparedness.


I hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks so much sending in your questions. This is one my favorites to post about every month. And if you've got a question don't be shy, send them over via the contact pageDM on InstagramFB, or email.

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