Coffee Date | No. 16

Happy Friday friends! Thanks for joining this month's coffee date. I'm happy to have you ;) How's it going? What are your plans for the weekend? I'm keeping it low key as the following two weekends are going to be pretty busy for me. Plus, we are still trying to get the water leak situation fixed and I'm really hoping that it gets wrapped up next week. I would like to get my house back into some kind of order. Other than than I'll just be relaxing, running some errands, working on SMT, and most likely getting coffee :) Real exciting.

So how about you grab your cup and let's start chatting. Cheers.

{In This Photo:   Camo Hoodie   |   AG Jeans   {extra worn in and bigger holes courteous of moi}

{In This Photo: Camo Hoodie | AG Jeans {extra worn in and bigger holes courteous of moi}


What scissors do you recommend/use when you cut the hem of your own jeans? I currently have two pairs that are made for fabric cutting. I use this one for cutting denim or heavier fabrics and this pair for my t-shirts or thin fabrics. You don't need a separate one for each job. I got them to see which one I liked better a long time ago and decided to keep them both.  These scissors are super sharp so be careful. They make a really clean and precise cut.

I really loved the pants you were wearing in your latest Style Me Concealed post. I don't own a gun so I wouldn't be wearing them carrying one. How is the sizing on them and are they comfortable? Thank you, I love them too. I got them in the charcoal wash as well. They are super comfortable and I sized down. I find that many items that are relaxed fit to begin with need to be size down otherwise they look too oversized.

What gun do you use for home defense and what kind of ammo do you use? Currently my HKVP9 is the home defense gun and I use Hornady 9 mm Critical Defense ammo. Luckily, I haven't needed to use my HKVP9 for home defense. 

Which Ray Ban sunglasses are in your Instagram posts? I've been wearing the classic polarized Ray Ban aviators (black frame and black lenses) for a few years now. They have taken a serious beating but I still love them. I actually just ordered this pair to change things up for the summer.

I'm interested in learning to shoot and my boyfriend said he can show me but I wanted to know if you recommended learning with a instructor over a boyfriend. My boyfriend doesn't own a gun and doesn't shoot very often. That's awesome that you want to learn to shoot. The first time I went was with my husband and he had only shot a few times. I think it really depends on what you want to get out of it. If you only plan on going once for fun then you're probably fine having your boyfriend show you. If your intention is to learn for personal defense than I would suggest an instructor. Personally, based on my experience and if I had to shoot for the first time over again, I would go with an instructor. I didn't really know anything about guns nor did my husband and I think the lack of knowledge and experience didn't help with my initial reaction to shooting for the first time. I think having an instructor that has the experience and knowlegde will make you feel for comfortable and at ease. It can be a bit scary for some people shooting a gun for the first time. 


Thank so much for sending in your questions. I hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks so much sending in your questions. This is one my favorites to post about every month. And if you've got a question don't be shy, send them over via the contact pageDM on InstagramFB, or email.

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