Coffee Date | No. 17

Happy Friday friends! Are you ready for the weekend? If you couldn't already tell from IG, I'm down in Florida. We are spending time with the husbands family and celebrating his parents 75th birthdays. It's been a good  mix of poolside relaxing and a bit of family craziness with seven nieces & nephews running around. Thank goodness for coffee I'll tell ya. I've been rolling with two-a-day's all week but there are not any complaints here. 

Let's grab our coffee's and get this date started.



I really love these summer espadrille wedges. Do you know where I can find them? The pair you linked were not the same ones. Unfortunately they are pretty old, probably at least five years old and pretty hard to find, which is why I linked a different pair. This pair is called the Sam Edelman Annabel Wedge. Depending on your size you can still find them here, here, and here.

What is your favorite tactical concealed purse/satchel? Do you know of any cute ones? I haven't found one that I love yet but I still keep looking. There are a few brands that I've seen that offer some cute options such as Beau & Arrow, Saint Sabrina, and Concealed Carrie.

Have you tried your Ulticlip on any other of your holsters? How do you like it? I really like the Ulticip because it gives me some more options that don't require using a belt when I'm carrying, which also gives me a similar profile so the printing is minimal to non-existent. I've only used my Ulticlip with my PHLster holster and like it with that holster. The holster didn't come with an Ulticlip but attaching it to the PHLster holster was relatively easy.

Where did you get your bathing suit from? {this IG post} It's by Robin Piccone and I purchased it at Nordstrom early last year. You can find it here (on sale) plus I'm really loving the new styles of this crochet style suit like this one and this one. If you're looking for an olive green one, this one from Becca is super cute.

Can you recommend some sites where I can get discounted designer items? I love hitting the designer sales in May but throughout the year a few of my favorite sites to check are The Outnet and YooxBoth of those sites are good for new discounted items from varying season. For slightly used designer items checkout The Real Real and BlueFly.


I hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks so much for sending in your questions. This is one of my favorites to post about every month. And if you've got a question don't be shy, send them over via the contact pageDM on InstagramFB, or email.

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