Coffee Date | No. 2


Good morning & happy Friday friends! It's about that time for our monthly #CoffeeDate so get your cup ready.  Cheers.

What size coat are you wearing (in this post)? How's the fit?
The coat I'm wearing is a small. Due to it's oversized fit, I sized down from my normal medium coat size.

Where is the neck scarf from that you are wearing in this IG post?
I'm wearing the Coach Foulard scarf. The black & white version I'm wearing is currently sold out but the multi-colored one is still available and on sale.

What ear protection do you wear at the range? 
I currently use the double ear protection method which means I use in-ear foam ear plugs along with a pair Howard Leight Leightning L0F slim earmuffs. For me, I love the double ear protection because it helps to really combat some of the sharp & loud shots from my neighboring shooters.

Who takes your blog photos?
All my outfit photos are taken by the husband.

How did you get your tickets to SHOT Show?
Everyone has to apply to get into SHOT as it's not open to the public. So there aren't really tickets per se. You need to have involvement in the industry and apply. I got my application approved as media.

I hope you have a great weekend! And if you're in the mid to north region of the east coast, stay warm. It's supposed to be brutally cold. Oh and Happy Valentine's Day lovers.