Coffee Date | No. 20

Happy Friday, friends. How's your week going? We are moving right along to the end of 2017. I'm so glad it's Friday and I'm looking forward to chilling at home. It's supposed to get pretty cold here with a chance of snow. I'll doubt we'll see any snow but the thought makes me want to just curl up on my couch with lots of coffee made only better with a little eggnog mixed in. 'Tis the season, right? If you like eggnog and haven't had it with your coffee it's freakin' amazing - go make yourself a cup and let's get this date started.


I saw on your Instagram stories that you recently traveled with a gun. What locks and case did you use? Yes, I did. It was my first time traveling with a firearm and I was a tad nervous. I literally also waited until the day before to decide to bring it so then I had to order some locks. I traveled with my HKVP9 and used the husbands Sig Sauer case. The cases that typically come with your gun won't always work because some don't have a proper spot for key padlocks. The husbands Sig case had them, it fit my gun, and worked fine. I bought a couple sets of Master Locks from Amazon. The important thing when buying locks is that they can't be TSA approved locks. You should be the only one with the key to open your gun case. Just be careful because one set of locks I purchased from Amazon, the keys wouldn't unlock them so I sent them back.

What kind of belt do you use for concealed carry? I get this question a lot and I've answered in a previous coffee date but since I just got asked again I figured it doesn't hurt to add it again. I don't use a traditional carry belt because all the ones I've found are either really tactical looking or super rigid and thick. They don't work with my outfits and lifestyle. The one I use is the Rag and Bone "Boyfriend" Belt. It's the one I found that had thicker leather than most and felt sturdy enough for me. I don't use this belt any other time than when I'm carrying. I have other belts that I use for my outfits when I'm not carrying. They are more flimsy and don't do well with my holsters.

Have you changed anything from your winter beauty routine for dry skin? I'm looking for a some facial moisturizes and would like to know what you recommend. I have changed a few items. The Neutrogena hair mask has become harder for me to find so I'm in the market for a new one. I'm not sure if they are discontinuing it. I also have been using three different facial moisturizes during the winter. I loved the Chanel Hydra Creme moisturizer but wanted to find something more natural. I've used May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon for the past year and it's seriously amazing. I love it but it's got a pretty hefty price tag ($180 but a little goes a long way). I was using the Boscia Black Hydration Gel during the summer and for winter switch it up. I ordered Josh Rosebrook's Vital Balm Cream on a recommendation from my green beauty friend Yenny (@ecochicbeauty). I am loving the Josh Rosebrook balm it's a mix between a cream and balm so it doesn't melt and get too oily as typical balm does. It's creamy and super skin love's it.

Thank you for sharing these jeans. I really love the wash, the distressing, and the price. I can't always afford some of the expensive denim you wear so I appreciate that you share cheaper options that you actually wear and like. Did you size down like you have previously with this brand? (These are the jeans in questionYes I did. I actually went back and forth between the 27 and 28 for a good month. This was because the 27 were so tight at first. I don't think these have much lycra in them as others so they don't feel as stretchy. However, after wearing them around my house for the day the 27 began to stretch out a little bit. I would've been more comfortable in the 28 but I was concerned they would stretch too much and not look as cute. 

This question isn't related to firearms although I enjoyed watch your process through TSA. If you don't mind, where is your backpack from? (The backpack that is being referred to is from my Instastory from when I traveled with my firearm. The firearm was not in the backpack.) The backpack is from Dagne Dover. It's there Dakota backpack in green. It's neoprene, lightweight, and has a bunch of internal pockets which make it great for traveling when I need to be hands-free. 


I hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks so much for sending in your questions. This is one of my favorites to post about every month. And if you've got a question don't be shy, send them over via the contact pageDM on InstagramFB, or email.

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