Coffee Date | No. 3

Good morning & happy Friday friends! I'm currently down in NOLA for #311Day.  For those not familiar, it's a special concert that the band 311 plays every other year on March 11, hence 311 Day. The husband & I always make a point to go to as it's a chance to get out of town for a few days and listen to live music.  Which we love. The band always plays extended setlists and songs they don't normally play.  Even better this year, they are playing both Friday and Saturday.

So while I'm enjoying beignets & chickory coffee (quick, go grab your cup), why not get started with this months #CoffeeDate?  Cheers.


Where do you get your rings from? 
Most of my rings are from a combination of places...Ellie Vail, Rue Gembon, and Ragen Jewels. The ones you see a lot of are my bar rings from Ellie Vail.  I love those.  You can get 15% off by using code SMT15 at checkout.

What lipliner do you use with your lipsticks? You're lipstick always looks so neatly applied.  
Thank you. I don't really use alip liner, well one that matches my lipsticks. I do have a couple of lipliners that match a few of my lipsticks but I usually use a anti-feather liner and a lip brush.  The lip brush is key to achieve that perfect outline of the lips.

How often do you go to the range?
Right now not very often.  I'm trying to go at least twice a month but it's a lot more challenging because I don't own a car and depending on the range I go to it's either 25 or 45 minutes away. I'd love to be going weekly.

Which boots are these? I couldn't find them on the site of the brand you mentioned.
They are the Chelsea Handler Boot by Modern Vice.  You can find them here.  I love love love this brand, they make the best boots.

What did you put in your morning detox water?
So this one came from snapchat, I snapped a photo of my morning "water" detox and ended up getting a few questions about it. My morning water is lemon, apple cider vinegar, tumeric and cayenne.  Would you guys be interested in seeing a post about this?

I hope you have a great weekend! Oh and Happy 311 Day. You can follow my NOLA adventures on Instagram and Snapchat (stylemetactical).  Also, keep sending in your questions, I love answering them.  What are your thoughts on this series? Are you loving it as much as I am?