Coffee Date | No. 4

Good morning & happy Friday friends! How are ya? How has your week been? It seems that this month's #CoffeeDate is all about last month's trip to Cancun. Not sure if that's good or bad meaning, maybe I should've provided a bit more info in my IG captions or blog posts but I guess that's one of goals of this series.  It's an opportunity for you to #AskMeAnything so grab your cup of coffee and let's do this. Cheers.


What books were you reading while you were in Cancun? I brought the following three books with me:

  • Everything That Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists: This book is about the benefits of how removing excess stuff from your life helps to make room for more meaningful things. I love that they provide a how and why minimalism is a good practice but don't confine you to a set a rules. You can take what they say and tailor it to your life however you see fit. I listen to their podcasts every day and this book repeats a lot of their message but it's been nice to see in writing. While I don't completely agree with every little thing they say, I have found many take aways from their perspective which I can apply to my own life.

  • Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger: I have always been interested in health/wellness, how food interacts with our bodies and how the food industry is changing on all levels. So I like to read a lot of books those subjects. The Clean Gut talks about how your gut is basically your second brain and how it is a major organ in the body that is an underlying cause to so many illnesses. Some of this information wasn't that new to me but a lot of it was and it really interesting & informative. So much so that I'm planning on doing the 21-day gut cleanse. Wish me luck. Would you be interested in reading about that cleanse on SMT?

  • Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini: I had seen a IG post about this author and this book. I wasn't sure if I was going to get it before we left but it arrived the day before. I think the title throws people off but the mean girl she speaks of is that voice inside your head/your ego that holds you back, causes self-doubt, and insecurities. It's about how to master her so you can be the rockstar that you are. There are little exercises throughout the book that are helpful as well. There were some sections for parents (I skimmed #notaparent) & relationships that I wasn't expecting but she had some good advice. I got a little bit more than half-way through it so I still have a bit more to read.

What jewelry were you wearing on the beach? Yes, I'm one of those girls that likes to wear jewelry on the beach. Nothing fancy though - I don't wear my wedding rings on the beach. It's mostly a few pieces that I picked from local beach sellers. They are super cheap so I don't care about getting them wet or dirty or even lost. I also was wearing a sh*t ton of flash tattoos. I was basically changing them everyday. I love those things.

How do you pack your beach hats? I pack them in my suitcase as the first item. I stuff the center of the hat with socks, leggings, sleepwear, etc. things I don't mind being bunched up. Then I lay the hat down as the first thing in my suitcase and I pack around it. The top part of the hat will get a bit squished during travel but typically it bounces right back after it's unpacked and worn once. Also, my beach hats are pretty inexpensive so I don't care too much if they take a little damage. Some brands are also making beach hats that are foldable and packable like this one by Madewell and this one by Tommy Bahama. If I was bringing a more expensive hat, like this Rag and Bone hat, I would more than likely just carry it on.

Do you wear makeup on the beach? Not really. At the minimum, I'll wear a tinted lip balm and sometimes a gel cheek blush for some color but that's about it. I always always wear sunscreen. I do wear makeup when going out at night but it's a paired down version of my daily makeup routine. No foundation just some eye makeup and lip gloss.

What nail polish did you wear? I was actually wearing three...Chanel Pink Tonic on my thumb, pinky, & ring fingers, Chanel Nouvelle Vague on my middle fingers, and OPI Glitter on my index fingers. Also, Chanel Pink Tonic on my toes.  I would link to the Chanel polishes but they recently just changed their formula and you can no longer get these colors online unless you try eBay or check your local dept stores. 

Thanks for your questions! Keep on sending in your questions, I love answering them.  You can submit them via comments below, the contact page, email or through my social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (stylemetactical). Use the hashtag #AskSMT when submitting via IG or Twitter so I can easily find your questions through social media.

Cheers to the weekend!