Coffee Date | No. 5

Good morning & Happy Friday the 13th friends. How has your week been? All I can is that it's May 13 and I'm still wearing a scarf. What gives with this weather here in DC?! Seriously Over. It. 

Thank you so so much for sending in your questions. I truly love reading and answering them all. 


I love your Chanel Boy Bag, do you know of any good inexpensive dupes that aren't knock-offs?  There are definitely lots of Chanel knock-offs out there. Some good, some really bad. However, instead of going for knock-off I suggest looking for an "inspired-by" bag that basically has the same look without using a faux Chanel label. The Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody bag is a great option and comes in a couple of sizes & multiple colors. The key to finding an inspired-by bag is to ensure it's not a copy/replica of the real thing. The RM bag follows the same boxy shape, using a chain strap, and in lieu of a double C closure has a metal lock closer. The style is inspired-by Chanel Boy Bag but it's not blatent knock-off and is a much more affordable option.

What is your normal coffee order? It depends on the day haha. I'm a huge fan of the pour over coffee method. So if I'm making coffee at home, it's always a pour over with no cream or sugar. Just straight, black. I love the taste of good quality coffee.  That's my coffee routine most days of the week. However, on weekends I'll get go-to almond milk latte from La Colombe. They are my favorite coffee roaster and also what I use (most of the time) when I make a pour over.  The AML is what I order at most coffee shops or when you see me 'gram a coffee. On hot summer days, I'll get a iced almond cappuccino (again from La Colombe as most places have no idea how to make this - I don't know why) & it's kind of amazing.  That extra bit of frothy milk is so tasty on  hot summer day. 

Where is a good place to get basic quality t-shirts? I really like J. Crew, Gap, Madewell, and Everlane for basic t-shirts. Lately, Gap has been hit or miss for me with fit.  So I've been sticking with the other three. If you want to splurge I love Rag and Bone t-shirts. They are pricey ($85) but they always go on sale for around $50 and personally worth every penny as they feel good, love how they fit/hang, & seem to be holding up in the wash.  My recommendation is get a few of the basic inexpensive tees and one higher quality tee. When I bought my first R&B tee, it was a bit hard to stomach paying $50 but it was worth it. I saved it for night outs rather than daily wear. My preference for t-shirts are v-neck with a relaxed fit but all these brands sell a variety of good basic tees.

How do keep your distressed jeans from ripping into bigger holes? I use iron-on patches (similar to these) on all my distressed jeans to keep the holes from expanding. I also use this fray block on my jean hems that I've cut to keep the fray from expanding.  Would you guys be interested in see a post about this?

What was the pink straw you had with your coffee on Snapchat? Did that come from the coffee shop? When getting coffee to-go (especially if it's straight black coffee) I'll use a silicon coffee straw to drink it.  Yes, I bring my own straw (#byos #nerd). This specific coffee straw fits perfectly into cafe to-go cups as well as my personal to-go mug.  It's so much better that using the plastic straws you get at the cafes as they aren't heat proof.  I love that this has a slanted mouth & oval shape and is great for minimizing coffee stains on your teeth.

Thanks again for your questions! You can submit questions via comments below, the contact pageemail or through my social media channels (InstagramTwitterSnapchat (stylemetactical). 

Cheers to the weekend! 

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