Coffee Date | No. 7

Happy Friday friends! How's your week going? Did you all have a good Fourth of July? I love four day work weeks because FriYay comes that much faster but sometimes getting back into work after a long weekend is rough. What do you ya'll have planned for weekend? 

I've got my coffee ready (numero two to be exact) so let's get our date started, shall we?


{sandals | jeans | demi ring use code SMT15 for 15% off}


Where do you buy your beauty products? Do you stick to a department store or beauty retailer like Sephora? It really depends on what it is I'm buying & who stocks the brands I use. The majority of my beauty products come from Sephora. However, if Nordstrom is having one of their double/triple point events then I'll purchase from the store/online.  Gotta get those Nordstrom Notes #chaching.  Also, some of my green/natural beauty product brands I like aren't sold in normal retailers so I buy them online at Epic Beauty Bar or Eco Diva Beauty.

I can't find the camo backup you posted on IG, where is it from? That backpack is made by Billabong. It's their 'Hand Over Love' style. Hershel Supply makes a great backpacks & I found this camo one. Billabong also has this alternative that has some camo acccents.

I get terrible blisters when I first wear new shoes (heels or flats). Do you have any tips on how to prevent blisters? Do you get them? Yes, I do get blisters especially in new shoes. It's the worst but I love me some shoes. I do two main things to help with blisters. First, break in new shoes at home with and without socks. I always wear new shoes around my house for a few days to start breaking them in. All shoes need to be broken in. Usually I can tell if any part of the shoe is going to cause me some blisters by doing this. When I go to wear them out for the first time, I always rub blister block or body glide on the areas on my foot that I'm usually prone to blisters (toes and heels). However, if I know a particular shoe might cutting into my heel, I use Compeed blister cushions. I carry these everywhere. They are a lifesaver. I sometimes use the Band-Aid brand but the Compeeds stay put better. I'm thinking I might do an entire post on this. Would this be something you guys would want to see? 

Who takes your blog photos and what camera is used? The husband takes all my outfit photos while I take all the flat lay type photos or non-outfit photos you see. Most of my outfit photos are taken with a Canon Rebel T4i with a 50 mm f/1.4 lens and I also use a Sony A6300 with a 35 mm f/1.8 lens.

Do you use a teeth whitener because you drink lots of coffee? I don't use any type of teeth whiteners. I do drink mostly black coffee during week and save my latte's for the weekend. When I drink black coffee I use this straw. It helps to cut down on the staining & it fits in all coffee to-go lids. I brush my teeth with an all natural toothpaste that has natural whiteners & alkalizers. Although, now I'm wondering if maybe I should whiten my teeth.

Thanks you so much for sending in your questions. I really love doing this #CoffeeDate series. You can submit questions via comments below, the contact pageemail or through my social media channels (InstagramTwitterSnapchat (stylemetactical). 

Cheers to the weekend! 

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