Coffee Date | No. 8

Happy Friday friends! Let's do the happy dance because it's the freakin' weekend! I'm counting down the hours until cocktail time. Who's ready for happy hour? I guess though we should have some coffee first, right?!

I've been playing with the InstaStories a little bit more this week and still undecided on whether it's going to InstaStories, Snapchat, or both. I'm thinking I might do more informative stuff on Instastories and save Snapchat for things like dressing up my cats up in Superman costumes...haha. Did you catch that on Instastories early this week? Any thoughts on what you guys prefer?

Well I'm ready for our #CoffeeDate, are you?


You snapped a bunch shoes you were selling a few weeks back. Where do you sell your used clothing and/or do you have any places online you like to use? Depending on what I'm getting rid off I'll either donate my clothes/shoes to Goodwill or sell them on Poshmark. I've also used ThreadUp but they only accept certain designers and items. However, the do make selling/donating so easy because they send you a bag to put it all in & cover shipping. I haven't tried any other online/apps to sell my clothing/shoes except for Poshmark. I like that they provide a shipping label. I find a lot of people that use Poshmark always want to trade which I'm not interested in doing. You can see what I'm selling in my Poshmark closet here. If there's something you're interested in send me an email or let me know.

Do you have a favorite perfume/scent that you wear? I'm pretty sensitive to heavy fragrances. Most scents I like are pretty basic and have vanilla undertones. My all time favorite scent is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. It's a got this beautiful vanillla woodsy scent. I could eat it right up . However, it's a pretty pricey perfume so I haven't actually bought a bottle yet. I just stop and ask for samples hehe. My "lower end" alternative to Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black. It's has vanilla undertones as well and I love it. It's what i wear on the weekends as I don't really wear perfume during the week. I also have their dry shampoo that is pretty awesome too.

How do the Miu Miu slip-ons fit and are they comfortable? I have a love/hate relationship with these slip-ons. I truly love their style but breaking them in has been a bitch to say the least. I bought them in my normal flat size which is a 9 and they fit great. They are a little snug around the top of the foot but broke in just fine. After two years though, I'm still having issues in the heels - sometime I have no issues and other times they rub like crazy causing blisters. When I don't have issues with the heel, they are super comfy.  They come is so many textures and patterns, I really want another pair but I'm so hesitant.

I really loved the Clare Vivier animal print clutch you have. Can you recommend any other more affordable dupes? A leopord clutch is such a great accessory to jazz up any outfit. The one I have is from Clare Vivier and personnally I think it's worth the price. The quality is top-notch, it feels luxurious, and you can't beat how perfect the print is. I found a couple of similar options herehere, and here

What bag do you use at the range? Is the one you posted your normal range bag? I don't use a traditional range bag. I've looked at literally a million range bags and don't like any of them. The bag I'm using is the Lululemon Live Free Tote. It's a gym bag with lots of compartments to organize all my range gear. I'm planning on doing a full post on it so stay tuned.

Keep sending in those questions! I love receiving and answering them.

Hope you all you have a great weekend. Cheers!