Coffee Date: Personal and Travel Safety

The coffee date series on SMT is probably one my favorites (hello, because coffee is life) and one that continues to evolve in terms of the content. However, it’s purpose for being started remains the same. It’s a way for us to connect further through virtual conversations. So at the beginning, coffee date was all about the q&a. Then it moved to interviews with awesome women in the industry. Now it’s about taking action, being accountable, and continuing to build a community of women who want to be self-reliant.  I wanted to take a step back and talk with you guys open and honestly about the SMT lifestyle.

So grab a coffee or cocktail and let’s chat about personal and travel safety.

— Personal and Travel Safety —

It’s that wonderful time of year when Spring flowers start to bloom, warm weather starts melting away those dreary reminders of winter, and we start looking forward to taking some time off whether it be for Spring break or Easter. I don’t know about you but my mood and spirit is already lifting with all the excitement of the weather changing and upcoming travel plans. In all the excitement that the season brings, don’t let it cloud your judgement and forget the basics of personal safety as you embark on some busy and fun travel plans.

Sorry, I’m not trying to bring you down or make you think something bad is going to happen to you. But you have to at least recognize that you and your family’s safety is important. Thinking about personal safety starts at home and as you get into the mindset, you can easily bring that with you when you travel. There is always one place I start and it’s really the main thing you should be practicing daily and that’s situational awareness. Being aware of your surroundings is your first line of defense.

In our daily lives it’s easy to get caught up in the laundry list of things to do and commitments we’ve made. However, it’s where and when we are most comfortable that our awareness needs to increase. It happens to me too. I’ll be hustling to work with my mind on what’s in store for me when I get there and all of a sudden I realize I don’t recall how I actually got to work. I know I took the Metro but I don’t remember anything about it. Who or what did I see? Was there anything different on my path than normal? That kind of stuff really freaks me out because it just goes to show how easy it is for my mind to not be present. It’s in that time that something could happen. And then when it comes to traveling, that alone can bring on a whole different set of stress inducing situations so if you practice personal safety at home, it will be an easy transition to bring into your travels.

Besides the situational awareness post I mentioned above, I want to highlight a couple of other popular posts on SMT that revolve around the subject of personal safety and traveling. And while you may have read them before, it never hurts to give them another read. They are quick but highly informative and at the minimum, it will help put safety at the forefront of your mind.

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I never mean to scare you, that is not my intention with SMT or these coffee date conversations we have. I just want to remind you and give you that nudge that I’m thinking of you and care about your safety and I want you to care about it too.

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