Coffee Date | Reflecting on My Journey

The coffee date series on SMT is probably one my favorites (hello, because coffee is life) and one that continues to evolve in terms of the content. However, it’s purpose for being started remains the same. It’s a way for us to connect further through virtual conversations. So at the beginning, coffee date was all about the q&a. Then it moved to interviews with awesome women in the industry. Now it’s about taking action, being accountable, and continuing to build a community of women who want to be self-reliant.  I wanted to take a step back and talk with you guys open and honestly about the SMT lifestyle.

So in true in SMT fashion and with a little more excitement than last year because #GunSnobGang, grab your Gun Snob mugs and join me for today’s coffee date.  Missed out the Gun Snob mug? Then make sure to sign up to the mailing list to know when you can get one next.

— Reflecting On My Journey —

I can’t believe that this year SMT will turn 4. That’s a bit surreal to me. I honestly had no idea where the road might lead or if it would just be a dead end. Well, with nothing short of some blood, sweat, and lots of tears, I’ve found that the road is endless. Exactly how I want it to be.

I didn’t know anything about guns when I started except that they were a deadly weapon used to either save or take a life. I had zero experience – zero. Today, when I go to check if my gun is clear, I can roll through that process without talking myself through each step. I know exactly what to do and how do it.

My how far I’ve come. The entry into this world of firearms wasn’t easy. I had my struggles as I’m sure you do as well. I mean, do you remember my first experience at the shooting range? Ugh, I do and it wasn’t pretty. If anything is going to give a little “you think you’re a badass” reality check, hit the gun range. Well, maybe a few of you are legit badasses. But for me, I wasn’t. And from what I’ve learned since starting SMT, neither are a lot of you. Nothing is wrong with that. But that doesn’t mean we should stop striving to unleash our inner badass. We all have one; it’s just a matter of finding the key.

Once I found that key the road really opened up, but not without some bumps and potholes. Hiring a firearm instructor was a smart move. It’s what I needed to help get me through that initial anxiety and got me comfortable being able to handle a gun. We all have to start somewhere right?

I’m so happy that I took the initiative to get an instructor. I think it made all the difference in helping to shift my mindset and put me at ease. From those initial days working with an instructor to today, it’s been an empowering and uplifting journey. It feels good to know that I took action do what it takes to get me comfortable and move in a positive direction.

It’s led me to live a more active and self-reliant lifestyle & mindset. I even carry concealed now. Three years ago I would have never thought I would be leaving the house strapped with a firearm. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some informative and life changing training sessions. And along the way I have met some amazing and inspiring women. Women that I didn’t know existed three years ago. Women who have become my best friends.

The community I dreamed of and wanted to build was happening; it is happening.

Seeing where I am today, there are things I would change but I’ll talk more about that in future coffee date posts. But the one thing that I easily could’ve done that I didn’t do was give up. It’s easy to throw in the towel; it’s easy to just stop. But how can we better ourselves to make sure we are living a self-reliant lifestyle?

I encourage you to take action in 2019 to be more self-reliant. Invest in the training, reach out to people that you admire, get out of your comfort zone, start having conversations with family & friends about personal safety, and put down your phone and pay attention to your surroundings.

Just take that one extra step and see where you get. And then take another. You might find your endless road and inner badass along the way. And if you need some encouragement, help along the way, or just want to grab a coffee you know where to find me.

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