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Vita Proteins for Coffee

It should be no surprise to you guys that my love for coffee is legit. I figured no better time than now to share some of my favorite things that help make that daily cup that much sweeter. I'm pretty simple when it comes to my coffee. I like it black or I'll go with a non-dairy latte or cappuccino. How do you take yours? 

La Colombe Coffee: Hands down my favorite coffee and coffee shop. I usually switch between the Corsica and Nizza roasts but will sometimes throw in one of their specialty roasts if it peaks my interest. People sometimes scoff when they hear that I like my coffee black but it has to be good coffee. La Colombe's coffee was the coffee that helped me make the switch. If you have a chance, then definitely give them a try.  Their cold brew and draft lattes are ah-mazing.

Koffie Straw: Since I tend to predominately drink black coffee during the work week these straws have been a game changer. Drinking coffee through a straw helps to minimize the staining on your teeth and when I'm drinking my coffee black these are a must. Unlike the typical restaurant plastic straws, that you're not supposed to use in hot beverages, these are 100% silicone. Their slim design and curved neck make them a perfect fit into the to-go coffee lids. 

Vital Proteins Collagen: For a long time I used this collagen in my coffee and smoothies but a few months ago I tried out Vital Proteins and it's great. I have the full canister and the to-go packets. The to-go packets are perfect to take for when I go to coffee shops. If you're wondering about collagen, it's great for the gut & digestion but also good for your hair, skin, and nails. It really has so many great health benefits. You can basically add it to anything. It also doesn't change any taste of my coffee. Curious, would you guys want a post about it?

Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer: For the days when I want a little something extra in my coffee, I use the french vanilla flavored Nutpods. Trust me, I've tried all of the non-dairy creamers out there and this by far is the best. It has the best flavor and I love that it's unsweetened. A lot of non-dairy creamers, especially flavored ones have sugar in them. It's creamy, delicious, and comforting especially on the super cold days. 

Frother: For those creamer days, this little wand works like magic to get that coffee shop-like froth. It's also perfect for mixing in the Vital Proteins collagen but not necessary. It runs on batteries and is a powerful little tool. Trust me, I've got the coffee stains on my clothes to prove it.  

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