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When it comes to clothing, us women like to have variety in the styles we choose. We want options with our style that fit the occasion and with those options we sometimes also need to make adjustments to the undergarments we select. Having all the unmentionables in the essential colors of black and nude is a must for any woman. It helps with the versatility of dressing and picking outfits. We make a conscious decision when getting dressed if we are going with our black, nude, or printed undergarments and we should give that same consideration to our holsters (when we can). While I know that the options for nude/skin toned holsters option is limited, you should check to see if your favorite holster brand offers this color option. 

My black hip hugger band works fine for 90% of my wardrobe but when I want to wear light colored fabrics having the option for a nude hip hugger band has been great. You might think that it doesn't matter since most guns are black and that a black gun against a black holster is the better option.  However, a wider black band shadow around your waist or thigh will be much more noticeable that a small shadow cast by just the grip of the gun.  

Having a nude belly band type holster is a great option for summer especially if you love to break out the white pants, shorts, skirts, or shirts. Often times when wearing white tops you can see a line of demarcation from the bottoms you are wearing especially if they are darker. Summer is typically when the lighter colors and thinner fabrics start making their way into the daily rotation. Opting for a nude or skin toned color holster provides a nice alternative when dressing with your concealed carry weapon. 

A couple of brands that offer a nude holster options: Can Can Concealment, Nickel and Lace, Lethal Lace, Dene Adams, Miss Concealed

Concealed Carry Outfit Summer
Top Women's Holster

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Glock 43 | Holster:  Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger

Female Holster Glock 43
Summer Concealed Carry

:: Outfit Details ::

Shirt: Gap | Pants: Gap | Bag: N/A {bought in Bali} similar | Shoes: Gucci {old}

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