Concealed Carry Outfit | HKVP9 + SPARE MAG

Since starting down this road of concealed carry, I didn't really question my current wardrobe. Meaning I wasn't concerned that what I had hanging in my closet wasn't going to work with this lifestyle. I think that's because I tend to dress in looser fitting tops rather than tight fitting tops. I don't think you need to go out an buy a new wardrobe to concealed carry. The key is to figure out what ways you can carry concealed with what you currently own. That shouldn't stop you from shopping though, right?! Glad we agree ;) What I'm finding now is that when I am shopping, I'm questioning those pieces and wondering how they will fit into this new lifestyle. It's not going to prevent me from buying a top I like but if it works with concealed carry then I'm definitely winning. 

Concealed Carry Outfit
Concealed Carry Outfit Women

Let me tell you I was winning when I came across this top at The Mothership. It's insanely comfortable. It's sort of a combo fleece/sweater material but on the thinner side. It has 3/4 length sleeves so you can easily wear this during the transition months. I want to sleep it in, that's how comfy it is. The next bonus for this top is that it's got a twist front detail in the front which causes the fabric to gather and adds to it's relaxed style. You know what that means ladies...great for concealed carry. I was even able to take out my full size HKVP9. 

The twist front detail and gathering disguises any printing. I will say this about the top in terms of it's "performance" for daily activities - if you plan on raising your hands for instance like putting your hair in a pony tail, getting an item of the top shelf at the grocery store, or any movement that involves reaching your gun will be exposed. However, let me caveat and say that this won't happen to everyone and there is a solution to this. It's called high-waisted jeans or even mid-rise jeans. I tend to always buy low rise rise jeans and they are easily a good 2"-3" below my navel. The end of my VP9 is actually covering my navel in the photo below so you can see just how low-rise my jeans are. I did wear this top with a pair of mid-rise jeans and the visibility upon reaching was reduced significantly. 

In terms on concealed carry though, I've learned that there things that I need to be more conscious of and one of those things is reaching my arms up. It doesn't matter what top I'm wearing I'm a bit more aware and careful now with certain movements. I think everyone needs to be conscious of their movements and learn what works for you so you don't end up completely exposed.

Best Concealed Carry Shirt
Concealed Carry Shirt for Women

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Heckler & Koch VP9 | Pocketknife: CRKT Cobia Matthew Lerch | Holster: StealthGearUSA Ventcore Appendix | Spare Mag Holster: StealthGearUSA Double Stack Short Ventcore Mag Carrier | Belt: Rag & Bone {similar}

Heckler and Koch VP9 Stealth Gear Holster
Stealth Gear USA HKVP9 Holster
HKVP9 COncealed Carry Fashion

:: Outfit Details ::

Top: Gibson via Nordstrom | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Bag: Chanel Boy Bag | Shoes: Vince {similarlove these for summer} | Belt: Rag and Bone {similar}

Back Concealed Carry Spare Mag

I mentioned in one of my previous Style Me Concealed posts that for concealed carry I'm perfectly fine only having the 10-round mag that's loaded in my pistol. Personally, I don't feel the need to carry any extra mags on my body. However, I know folks sing a very different tune and that's okay. It's all about finding what works for you and what you are comfortable with.

I picked up this two mag holster after I purchased my VP9. I wanted to have the option to carry spare mags and also wanted to see what it was like to carry them in a separate holster as opposed to a single holster. I will say that I'm not a fan. My jeans which are already tight to begin with got even tighter to say the least. While the spare mags didn't really get in my way it made for extra bulk and weight that I personally wasn't comfortable with. To me, this is excessive especially to be carrying on my body. Not to mention that I'm not comfortable drawing from my back to begin with. I much prefer appendix carry. Standing and walking with the extra mags was fine but sitting or bending down with them was just another hassle to me. It was more movements for me to be conscious of and I definitely would need to train with this extra holster to be comfortable with it. 

However, ladies if you want a way to carry two spare mags you can see that even in this this top there was no printing in the back. What do you think ladies, would you carry two spare mags on your person with this holster? Do you carry spare mags now?

How to Concealed Carry Spare Magazines
HKVP9 Spare Mag Concealed Carry
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