Concealed Carry Outfit | Holiday Edition

For my personal style, I don't typically wear shirts or dresses that often. But when I do, I still want to have the ability of carrying concealed and being comfortable. This is why having holster options that fit your lifestyle is so important. This is only the second time I've used my Can Can Concealment Garter holster. The previous time was during the summer wearing a maxi dress. I definitely think this is a great option for women that wear more skirts and dresses. Can Can Concealment sells the garter thigh holster and a garter belt separately. I bought both and use both together for added security. When I first slipped the garter holster on it was fit and snug and actually more comfortable than I thought. However, it felt odd and I'm sure this was mainly due to the fact that I wasn't used to having something strapped so snug to my thigh. I did some jumping around to see how secure the garter holster was on it's own. It stayed in place for the most part but I could feel it move a little so I added the garter belt and jumped again. The garter belt sits around the waist (similar to where their hip hugger holster is placed) and it's attached to the thigh holster using two straps that are very similar to bra straps. Personally, I wouldn't wear the thigh holster without the garter belt. I like having the peace of mind knowing that the thigh holster isn't going to slip and fall off my leg as I go about my day or night. 

When it comes to placement of this holster, you have a couple of options based on what you prefer. For me, carrying on my strong-side of my outer thigh was the most comfortable and easiest position to access and draw my gun. I've experimented with carrying on the inside of the opposite leg but either it's not for me and I need an even smaller gun, or I need to play around with the position more. The grip of the gun kept rubbing against my other leg and it didn't feel comfortable to walk or sit.  I was extremely self-conscious carrying in this position. However, it's an option to have if you are wearing more form fitting skirts or dresses. Luckily for this holiday look, I opted for a tulle skirt that is layered and a little more full so carrying on the outside of my right thigh didn't cause any issues with printing and I felt confident it wasn't going anywhere in this position.


:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun:  Glock 43 | Holster: Can Can Concealment Garter Holster with Garter Belt

:: Outfit Details ::

Shirt: Sanctuary via Nordstrom {old; similar here and here} | Skirt: Zara {old; similar here and here} | Bag: Chanel Boy Bag {similar}  | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik {similar}

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