Casual in Converse

:: What I'm Wearing ::

Jacket: Zara {similar < $70}
Shirt: Gap {similar}
Scarf: ASOS {old; love this one}
Jeans: Rag and Bone {similar < $60}
Bag: Proenza Schouler 'PS1' Satchel
Shoes: Converse High Top

How about we change things up and talk about shoes ;) Yeah yeah, I'm always talking about shoes over here but I can't help it. They are my favorite accessory. But specifically though, let's talk casual sneakers.

While my casual sneaker game has definitely evolved or should I say expanded, I will always be a Converse girl. For years, it was the only sneaker I would wear. Not to include workout sneakers, they serve their own purpose. Converse are classic, retro, cute, and badass all in one. 

I think I currently have six pairs on rotation...low tops in grey, pink, and black. Then high tops in black canvas, black stingray, and in a faded star pattern. Over the course of my life, I've probably own 20 pairs. They get worn and beat to death so I toss them and pick up a new pair. 

I've talked about it SMT before that I'm a pretty big proponent for buying things in multiple colors especially if you like it. I love brands that keep to one design and then make them in numerous colors. Perfect examples, the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Bag, Modern Vice Jett Boots, the Lush Tunic, and Converse. If it ain't broke, right?!

Having items in the same design but alternative styles gives you easy options and makes putting together an outfit simple. You know you love the design but now you can change up the color based on how your feeling that day or what you want to wear. Since the design of Converse is minimal with clean lines as opposed to traditional sneakers that are bulky, these pair so well with jeans, skirts, and shorts. Versatile, stylish, and comfy. How can you not love that?!

As of late and mainly because it's cold out, my Converse high-tops are my go-to's. Although, my Nike Juvenates are coming in at a close second. 

What's your go-to casual sneaker? 

Happy Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping by.

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