Cut-Off Shorts

The cut-off shorts have finally made their debut (well at least here on SMT). It's getting hot and sweaty here in DC. Jean shorts are definitely one of those items I don't really buy each year. The ones that I have and wear (like these) have been in my closet for a couple of years. I definitely don't have the same love for jean shorts as I do for jeans. Shorts just aren't my thing. However, they are a necessity during certain times of the year. Also in true form, I bought this top in black as well and it's been a great summer addition especially for carrying concealed.

Let me talk about this bag real quick...if you follow any type of style accounts on Instagram then you probably have seen a version of this bag. I've had this bag now for almost two years and I bought it in Bali when the husband and I were there. I paid less than $10 for it and it's my favorite summer and vacation bag. What's interesting now is that you don't need to go Bali to buy this bag. There are so many brands making copycats or importing this style bags. However, what they are charging is laughable. I mean, c'mon J. Crew is charging $185 for a similar bag. There are ones that are more affordable, check Etsy. They have some sellers from Bali and you get them for $20 but I think shipping is bit more. But if you're interested in this style bag, you can get it. 

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Shirt: Caslon via Nordstrom | Shorts: Joe's Jeans | Bag: Bought in Bali | Shoes: Rag and Bone | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Mimosa

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