Buying a Gun in DC - Part 2

It was barely moments after I hit publish on my last Girl Meets Gun post that I got the call from Charles Sykes that I had been waiting for. He had picked up my HK VP9 and it was time to move forward.

But first, I had to set up an appointment with him. He only works Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm so that doesn't make it very convenient for people that have 9 - 5 jobs, including myself. I picked a time and made my appointment. However, we weren't done. He informed me that I had to bring $125 in cash for the transfer (MD to DC).  And if you recall from my last post, then you should remember that I had to buy my handgun in MD because DC doesn't have any gun stores.  So because of that I have to pay a transfer fee. Not only do I need to bring the cash, I need to bring my receipt for the gun, driver license, my gun safety course certificate, and another $48 for the DC police processing fee.

So a few days later I headed to the DC police headquarters with cash & papers in hand. I proceeded through the metal detectors, through the old dated hallways, and into Charles Sykes office. I had two people ahead of me and I was on time for my appointment.  So I waited in his waiting room, which was basically some old no longer used processing office. 

About 20 minutes into waiting, I was up next when he came out and had me start filling out my paperwork. I finally got called into his office where he took my completed paperwork and called the NICS system to perform my background check.  I gave him the cash, my receipt, and he asked me to verify that he had logged my handgun serial number correctly. I got a glimpse and quick handle on my HK VP9 and then it was gone back into his possession.

Once I thought we were done, he informed me that I had to now proceed upstairs to get fingerprinted, take a DC handgun test, and get photographed for my registration.

I head upstairs to continue the registration process. I give the woman behind the desk my paperwork and she hands me the test to take. I take the test (pretty certain I passed because they didn't tell me I failed) and then proceeded across the hall into another room to take fingerprints and pay the $48 processing fee. After my fingerprints, I head back across  the hall to show them my receipt and get my photo taken.

They tell me that on Tuesday, January 19, I can come back and pick up my handgun. Exactly 10 days after purchase. However, I need to call Charles Sykes to make another appointment in order to pick up my handgun.

I was at SHOW Shot on Tuesday and was planning to pick up my gun on Friday, January 20.  However, #Blizzard2016 had other plans so now I have to wait.  I'm hoping I can pick it up this week. So stay tuned for that.

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