Weekend Edge

My Saturday look can easily become very repetitive and boring especially in the colder months. It basically goes something like this...ripped jeans, converse, hoodie, and North Face vest (see this photo). Afterall, I'm usually just running a few errands and grabbing coffee. Definitely no need to break out the stilettos - those get saved for Saturday night. While that casual style works 75% of the time, sometimes I like to liven it up even for those mundane Saturday tasks. The easiest way to do that is to throw on my leather jacket and a pair of kick-ass boots. I'm still warm and comfortable but feel a bit more presentable to the world. 

A couple items to mention in this look is the funnel neck sweatshirt and my jeans. I have literally been wearing this sweatshirt nonstop. When I'm at home chillin', to work, the gym, and on the weekends. It's super warm, not overly bulky, and the funnel neck means I can skip the scarf. I'm waiting for it to go on sale again so I can pick up the grey one. It also has thumb holes so that means extra cozy points. Trust me, this sweatshirt will kick all your traditional hoodie's butts. Now my jeans...I tend to get a lot of complements on this pair when I wear them. Mind you, those compliments have only come in the last year since they have been completed ripped open at the knees. When they were new (see here and here) and I tried to keep their distressing in place, nobody cared. But honestly, as you can tell I love them. After a few accidental slips of my foot getting caught in the hole why putting them on, this is how they look. The husband says I might as well just wear shorts. LOL. They are my favorite weekend jeans. 

What's your go-to weekend style like? 

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Jacket: The Arrivals | Sweatshirt: Alo | Jeans: AG Jeans | Bag: Baggu | Shoes: Dior | Gloves: Skull Cashmere | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in 'Kir Royale'

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