On The Line | No.36

Happy Friday friends! I hope you're having a good week. It's rather dreary here in DC today. It's raining pretty hard and all I want to do is curl up and climb back into bed. But adulting must commence so I can enjoy the weekend. Not too much going on with me this week - I wanted to hit the range but didn't get a chance to. This weekend we will be wearing our rally hats in hopes that the Caps can pull off a win on Saturday (and for the next two games for that matter) in order to advance to round three. I'm not really holding my breath. Other than some sports that's about it. How about you? What are you up to?

What do you think of today's On The Line words of wisdom?

Do Less With More Focus. This is one that I need to tape to my wall. I've got about a dozen to-do lists and honestly it's almost impossible and some days a bit overwhelming trying to get them done. Whether you are trying to build a business, run a household, finish a few projects, or just tackle life it's easy to feel that you are not doing enough. However, being able to sit down and focus on one thing these days seems somewhat impossible with all the distractions available to us. If you've got a laundry list of to-do items, prioritize your top three and start with the first one. Carve out dedicated and uninterrupted time to focus on that item and get it done. On another note, it's not just about what's on your to do list. How about focusing more about being in the moment of your day. If you're out with your friends, kids, or by yourself turn off your phone and eliminate the distraction so you can focus on the activity and be present with what you are actually doing. You'll be thanking yourself later.


Around The Web

The internet is full of awesome, beautiful, and strange things; wouldn't you agree? I'm pulling my favs and sharing them with you.  I've rounded up my top loved links from stories, recipes, style, animal cuteness...basically anything and everything. Some old, some new, some you may have already seen but nonetheless something to take your mind off that daily grind.  So grab your cup of coffee or cocktail (it's never to early) and click away. Cheers. 

  • { Style } I'm always on the lookout for some new sunglasses come summer and I just bought these Dior inspired pair. Best part is they are only $12.
  • { Tech } If we weren't already glued to our phones, Snapchat has made some deals with larger media companies to start offering original programming. Snapchat TV anyone?
  • { Concealed Carry } One of my favorite holster brands, StealthGearUSA is offering 20% off their holsters when you use code NRA2017. This sale ends tonight so act fast. You can see some of my favorites here.
  • { Shooting } How many of you play video games that involve guns? Think Rainbox Six and Call of Duty. In those games you get penalized so-to-speak for using a silencer. Well Silencer Co. did comparison of the difference between using a silencer vs no silencer in real life with a video game expert. It's a short video but also interesting.

In Case You Missed It on SMT

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