Easy Tops for Concealed Carry

Women often think that carrying concealed also means they have to completely change their wardrobe. That's not true and I'm here to challenge that. You don't have ditch your cute outfits for tactical pants but what you do need to do is shop with a different eye as I've said before. While deciding to carry a concealed firearm is a complete mindset and lifestyle shift, it is very possible for women to carry. Prior to my carry life, I may have bought this top because it's cute and black :) However, I easily could've overlooked it and found something different because the details in this top never mattered before.

Nowadays though I'm paying closer attention to what shirts have to offer me in terms of details. The foundation of a good concealed carry top is one that will conceal your firearm, minimize printing (the outline of the gun on the shirt), and allow for ease of access. However, the latter can be mitigated with training and practice in the tops you wear. This top hits all three marks. The twist knot detail in the front causes a ruching across the torso. These details help distract the eye from what could possibly be underneath. Even if there might be minimal printing in a top like this, it's easily waved off because of folds created by the twist front. 

Now when I go shopping, these types of details in shirts catch my eye because I know it's almost an immediate win for carrying. Of course, I need to try it on and run through some motions but it's very rare they're not a win. Next time you are out shopping or even shopping your own closet, pay attention to the details of the tops. Patterns and prints are great options to help disguise printing. Ruffled and peplum hems are another great option when carrying. Tie-front shirts or shirts with knot details help to distract the eye. You can find so many cute options of these style shirts that will help make your transition into your carry life so much simpler.

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Firearm: Glock 43 | Holster: StealthGearUSA Ventcore AIWB | Belt: Rag and Bone

:: Outfit Details ::

You can find links to shop the exact and/or similar budget-friendly items below.

Shirt: BP. via Nordstrom | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Bag: Givenchy | Shoes: Gucci | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Lipstick: Bite Beauty

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