Everyday Carry Tools

EDC Tools

Before I even thought about owning a firearm I owned small tools that I would carry on me or in my purse. These everyday carry (EDC) tools consisted of items that could be used for emergency situations or for my normal daily tasks. Throughout the years my EDC tools have evolved and increased in numbers.

All of my tools fall into one of the following categories:

Sharp-Edge Tools: These would be all my pocket-knives, tactical "pens", or any tool that can also be used in a self-defense situation.

Illumination Tools: These are all of my flashlights and I have them in varying sizes. One for the house, one for my keychain and one for my small bags. 

Multi-Purpose Tools: These consist of multiple tools in one device similar to a swiss army knife or leatherman tool.


Starting small with some EDC tools is a great way to begin your journey into preparedness. You don't need to go crazy and buy all of the things I've listed. You can begin with just a few basics such as a pocket knife, a tactical flashlight, and a tactical pen. If you plan on carrying these everyday then don't sacrifice on the quality here.  After all, you might end up using these to defend your life. The tactical pen is one of my favorites as it's perfect to carry in your hand (rather discreetly) while you're walking alone any time of day. The flashlight comes in handy in dark places or at night. The difference between a tactical flashlight & a regular flashlight is that the tactical flashlight has a special beveled edge that can be used to strike someone or something if you need.

Keep in mind that with any tool you own, it's important that you know how to use it and also practice using it. There are tons of videos and guidance online to show you how to use several of these tools in defensive situations. You can even find instructors that will give you lessons on knife/blade training.  That's something I definitely want to do.

Top 3 EDC Tools

I typically always have my CRKT pocket knife on me. However, since I like to carry various tools with me, I have picked up a few different pouches that I use interchangeably depending on my needs. The one that comes with me the most is my Tom Bihn clear view pouch. It's used as my daily purse essentials holder because I like the clear view. Alternatively, when I'm carrying a larger bag like a tote or backpack I'll use a bigger pouch that has compartments to hold my tools. A great place to find these are at Army surplus stores. I recently got one from Recycled Firefighter that I like (as seen above).

For the most part, the EDC tools that I use on a daily basis (my CRKT knife, Tuffwriter Pen, Flashlight) end up in a small EDC dump tray.  For me, that tray is actually a gun shaped ashtray that I had laying around. When I get home and empty my pockets they get thrown in here. You can use whatever you want to hold your EDC tools but be sure it is in a place that you will remember to grab them. For the other tools that are in rotation, they are usually in one of my three pouches or in another tray that holds some of my other everyday carry items. 

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