Glock 43 Concealed Carry

I've slowly been embracing high-waisted jeans and also pants as of late. I'm slowly seeing their benefit as they tend to hold everything in. And as I get older, I'm liking that a lot more. I've been pretty selective though at picking the right ones to add to my closet. Some can really look like mom jeans on and if that's your thing, great but it's a look that's not for me. 

While the initial benefit might be on the narcissistic side, it does have benefits for carrying concealed. The fact that the gun ends up sitting higher on the waist provides an additional area for concealing. The grip doesn't seem to create as much of a bulge as when in normal waisted jeans as the gun sits closer to the breast. I've found that I can wear thinner layers without too much worry of printing. I do make sure that I get in a few reps of drawing before heading out so I have a good idea of where the gun is actually sitting on my waist. I practice this all the time but focus on this a bit more when my normal carry position is altered. I'm finding that concealing in high-waisted jeans is great option for me, is it for you?

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Glock 43 | Holster: Blacksmith Tactical | Belt: Rag and Bone

: Outfit Details ::

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Sweater: Topshop {similar} | Jeans: Topshop | Bag: Proenza Schouler 'PS1' Satchel | Shoes: Vince Camuto 'Francia' Bootie {similar} | Bite Beauty in 'Gazpacho'

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