First Time Shooting Long Guns

It’s so great to be able to connect with rad ladies with similar interest through Instagram.  It's even better when you get to meet those ladies in real life and I got to meet some of them at SHOT Show.  One of those ladies being Trish from Prime Ammunition.  We had messaged about SHOT via IG so I made sure I stopped by the Prime Ammo booth to meet the woman behind @ladysoutherncrossllc.  It's funny how social media has led us to knowing people by their handle versus their actual name.  She is beautiful, smart, and we immediately bonded over our shared experiences with firearms.  We chatted for a bit and also talked to her better half, Jason (@southerncrossllc). While there, they invited us to come out with them later in the week to do some shooting.  After a few text messages and finalizing some details we were set.

The husband and I were very excited but also not sure what to expect. Since we were visiting, we didn't have a car, didn't bring any of our range gear, and really were just planning on showing up to the meet up spot.

We agreed to meet at a central location where they would pick us up.  We headed out in their SUV down a long highway with nothing but desert surrounding us. It's a side of Vegas we never really see.  As we chatted, Jason detoured off of the highway onto a desert road that had naturally been made by the amount of vehicles that drove on it.  Apparently, we just entered onto BLM land, which is federally owned land that is used for the enjoyment of the public. In our case, this enjoyment was going to come in the form of shooting.  We continue to drive deeper into the desert and pass a few other camps of people who have set up their own outdoor mini-ranges. All of this is sort of blowing my mind.  You just pull up to a spot and set up shop?! (#crazy).  Now if I can be a little over the top for a minute and set up what is going through my head at this point...the husband and I just got into a vehicle with people we hardly know.  They are driving us into the desert and the back of the SUV is stocked with firearms and ammo.  I mean, doesn't that sound like the beginning of a movie that doesn't end well?! LOL.  Anyways, we pull up to a spot, unload all the goods, and Jason drives further out to setup our targets.


As things are getting setup, I realize that we will be shooting long guns. I was a bit nervous because I'd never shot a rifle of any kind and was still trying to get my bearings shooting a 9mm pistol.  The ammo alone looked insanely intimidating.

All of the long guns were setup and the husband stepped right up to start. Of course, he made it look easy. I was wavering on whether I was going to shoot but I wanted to try it and just needed to suck it up.  How many opportunities would I have to shoot in the desert like this?  Trish was super nice and showed me how to work the rifle and what I needed to do.

Lay on the ground stomach side down, look through the scope, find the target, load a round, pull the trigger.

Except where the eff was the target?!  Oh, it was 300 yards away.  

I couldn't see it with my bare eyes and it took a while to find it using the scope.  I'd never used a scope before.  At this point, my heart was beating at a decent rate but I pulled the trigger and from what my spotter said, I hit the target.  I think I heard the faint ping of the bullet hitting the target.  Score one for me. The recoil wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I shot off a couple more rounds and moved on to some of the other rifles.

I stepped up to shoot the GA Precision .338 Lapua after watching everyone else shoot it.  That was a big boy and the target was 1000 yards away.  I had an extremely hard time finding the target with the scope. I'm pretty certain both shots missed their mark. Oh well. The husband however nailed it on his first shot. The kick on this rifle was strong but also felt kind of awesome.

We spent a few hours shooting, taking photos, and learning some new techniques.  It was such a fun day. The difference in shooting indoors versus outdoors was remarkable. There was no intimidation by neighboring shooters & the sounds of their shots. I definitely preferred shooting outside.  So much so that I told the husband we should move so I can shoot outdoors.  Haha.  It was definitely the first time I could actually say that I had fun shooting.

Trish and Jason were so helpful and gave me some great tips to take back with me to use at the range. A big thanks to them and Prime Ammo for organizing this and inviting us along.