Mixing Prints with a Fur Vest

I probably shouldn't even mentioned it because I'm sure I'm going to jinx it but we are having a nice little warm weather wave right now.  I'm trying to take advantage of it as much as possibly by sticking to layers instead of heavy coats. Some plaid and a fur vest are easy and do the trick for these odd weather days. Today it's supposed to be almost 80 degrees; sounds like a great day to ditch work and go have a cocktail. Unfortunately, I will just have to dream about doing that. On another note more related to this outfit, I can't get enough of this vest. I love the pattern/print. It's very camo-esque but in a non-olive green color palette because let's be real - I need to chill on the olive green. It's such an easy piece to throw on over any style top. It also makes any outfit just a little bit more fun. Who doesn't like that?!

What's your take on fur vests? I do feel like they can be very hit or miss. You have to find the right one. Too puffy and you'll look like the abdominal snowman and to thin with sparse fur you'll like you are wearing a skinned cat. I prefer to look for vests where the fur lays flat in the down direction versus one's where the fur sticks straight out. If that makes sense. In any case, they are definitely a great "accessory" to have in your closet.

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Vest: Jack by BB Dakota | Shirt: Rails | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Bag: Proenza Schouler 'PS1' Satchel | Shoes: Saint Laurent | Necklace: DLNLX by Dylanex | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in 'Gazpacho'

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