Buying a Gun in DC - Part 3

It seems that a lot of people scoff when they hear that I'm buying a gun and live in DC. While the process isn't as convenient as some states, it really wasn't as bad as people may think.  Due to SHOT Show and a major blizzard that pretty much closed down the city, I ended up having to wait a lot longer than the mandatory 10 day cooling off period.  Twenty days after purchasing my HK VP9, the time had come to pick it up. Because of the blizzard I didn’t even bother making my appointment with the FFL until the snow madness had subsided.  

Okay so back to this post. I called the Firearms Registration Office to verify that my registration was approved and I could come pick up my paperwork. Hooray, I was good to go!  Next, I had to call the FFL, Charles Sykes to let him know I was approved and to make a second appointment to come pick up my gun.  I headed over to the Police Department Headquarters at 11:30am on a Friday and went right up to the Firearms Registration Office.  There, I picked up my approved form and registration card #hooray. I proceeded down 2 floors to Charles Sykes office and waited for my noon appointment. Just like last time, there were two people ahead of me.  So I sat and waited.  For whatever reason, my heart was pounding. I couldn't pinpoint if it was nervousness & anxiety or excitement. Noon came and went and finally about 15 minutes later it was my turn.  I handed over a copy of my approved registration; he pulled out my HK VP9 and asked for me to verify the serial numbers and then locked the case up.  By this time the heart pounding had subsided.  He handed over my HK VP9 in its case and had to escort me to the exit.  I guess registered and legal DC firearms owners can’t be trusted to exit on their own.    

I texted the husband and he met me outside and we went to grab me a celebratory cup of coffee.  Cheers...welcome to the club.

Despite my personal feelings on having laws to register a firearm, the registration process in DC is not as bad so long as you follow the explicit instructions that Charles Sykes tells you.  To me, I am choosing to live in DC and if I want to own a firearm then these are the steps that I have to take.  What I do find to be the most inconvenient about the entire process, would be Charles Sykes' schedule...Monday through Friday 11 am - 2 pm.  So the two times I had to see him required me taking time out of my day. It's just kind of annoying because I had to leave work or take time off & it's right smack in the middle of the day.

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