Shooting the HK VP9 & Walther PPQ


I've been really trying to live by the 'Make It Happen' mantra. I recently just got a bracelet engraved with it to keep it in the forefront of my life and I've been wearing it daily. It's about prioritizing things in my life. If I want something then I need to make it a priority and make it happen. So I set out with this blog to explore the possibility of gun ownership and in doing that, it requires making going to the range a priority. So I'm pretty proud of myself for taking the time to go. I went last week and that would mark my fourth range visit. I know that doesn't sound like much but each visit are steps in the direction of this #2A life.

The husband and I went and this time we decided to only rent. We rented the Heckler & Koch VP9 again and also tried out the Walther PPQ.  Both are pistols that I liked based on my grip handling of them at the Nations Gun Show.  

It has only been three weeks since we were last at the range.  For whatever reason, this time when I stepped into my lane and prepared to fire that first shot I was extremely nervous. I'm not sure why, possibly just anticipation because the range wasn't all that busy. I really had to talk myself through my mental anxiety before pulling the trigger. I was a little taken aback as to how nervous I was because I was hoping that it was starting to go away. But a few rounds later, it surpassed & I was right back into the swing of things.

I shot the VP9 first and then PPQ. The PPQ felt a lot lighter as I was firing and in general my shots just seemed way off. I definitely prefer the VP9. I'm still experiencing some issues with the beaver tail on the VP9 that is rubbing the 2nd knuckle on my thumb during the recoil. You can sort of see the band-aid I'm wearing in the photo above to prevent any further damage to the skin. I first experienced this broken skin when I shot the Glock 19 and I didn't want to reopen the wound since it's finally starting to heal back up.  I've done some extensive reading and watched a few grip videos to ensure that I'm not holding the gun awkwardly and I'm not. I'm hoping that this rubbing will diminish by using a smaller backstrap or so that's what I read.  Have any of you ever experienced this? Overall, it was a good a session.

If you've followed my Girl Meets Gun series and SMT from the beginning, then you know one of the main aspects of me becoming more self-reliant had to do with whether gun ownership was going to be in my future or not. I've been documenting the beginning phases of that journey and I'm at a comfortably point where it's time to make a decision. What I've learned is that the only way to get confident, comfortable using a gun, and being in the range atmosphere is by going and shooting. Additionally, the only way to improve on my skill is to practice. Practicing on rented guns or the husbands is fine but if I'm taking this seriously and want to build up my skill & confidence, then I need my own gun.  So, I'm going to do it and this anti-climactic Girl Meets Gun journey ends with me owning a gun. It's kind of awesome and kind of scary. The pistol that I'm choosing, which you might have been able to guess is going to be the HK VP9. What really is selling that gun for me is the interchangeable back and side straps so I can really get a good fit for my hands. I liked the way it shot and would love to become really good at shooting with it.  

So what's next you might wonder in the Girl Meets Gun series? Well, I first need to find a retailer that has the HK VP9 at a decent price that will also ship to DC. Oh yeah, have I not mentioned that? I live in DC so anyone who is familiar with the various city/state gun laws might know that DC has some of the strictest gun laws.  So, once I find the pistol I will document all the steps and everything I needed to do to become a gun owner in DC. That process is going to be interesting. Luckily, the husband has been through it twice so he can help me out :) 

I'm still planning on going to the range and working on my range routine because I don't want to lose momentum. So I'll continue to document my visits exciting or not.  

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