Wild Hedgehog Tactical 'Hers' Emergency Kit

As I'm learning the prepper/survival world is large and if it's new territory for you it can be somewhat overwhelming.  That's why my advice has always been to start small and where you're comfortable with. For some, my purse kit is an easy & simple DIY starting point. However, some people don't want to worry about picking up all of the supplies to put a kit together, they just want to buy one that is ready to go.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  It's better to have something rather than nothing.  There are plenty of companies that do this and Wild Hedgehog Tactical is one of them. They have put together an emergency kit for women that makes getting started pretty simple and they were kind enough to send one to me to check out.  What I like about this kit right off the bat is that it's not only great for a women just getting started but you can have multiples of this kit to stash in your car, office, or as an add-on to one of your bigger bags/kits.

The WH Tactical 'Hers' Emergency Kit comes packed with 30 items ranging from survival, medical, outdoor, and women's needs. It also comes with a paracord wrapped around the handle of the pouch. The pouch is supplied by Dakine and if you recognize that name it's because they specialize in outdoor sports equipment and apparel so you know the pouch is going to be durable.

Inside the WH Tactical 'Hers' Emergency Kit

Pharmacy Pack (Item 2)

Within the kit there is a small ziploc type bag with what I'm referring to as the 'Pharmacy Pack'. Inside you can find the following items:

2A: Hand Sanitizing Wipes
2B: Iodine Antiseptic Wipe
2C: Antihistamine
2D: Band-Aids
2E: Needle & Thread
2F: Aspirin
2G: Tylenol
2H: Splinter Out
2I: Alcohol Wipe
2J: Lotion
2K: Hydrocortisone Cream
2L: Tampons

So what actually comes inside the emergency kit? Here's a breakdown:

  1. Gauze Pad

  2. Pharmacy Pack (see below for contents)

  3. Petroleum Soaked Cotton Balls

  4. Bandages

  5. Signalling Mirror & Emergency Whistle

  6. Medical Tape

  7. Panty Liners

  8. Cleansing Fresh Wipe

  9. Nail File

  10. Water Proof Matches

  11. Duct Tape

  12. Pepper Spray

  13. Chapstick

  14. Water Filtration Straw

  15. Nitrile Gloves

  16. Lara Bar

  17. Outdoor Pack (see below for contents)




Outdoor Pack (Item 17)

Within the kit there is another small ziploc type bag with what I'm referring to as the 'Outdoor Pack'. Inside you can find the following items: 

17A: Emergency Blanket
17B: Aluminum Foil
17C: Trash Bag


The sizing of the pouch is nice and compact and for me it is not any larger than any of my other pouches that I carry some of my daily makeup in. It measures 8" in height, it's 2.5" wide, and 3" deep. And for most women I know, this easily fits into their handbag. My daily handbag is my Proenza Schouler 'PS1' Medium Satchel and this emergency kit fit perfectly inside without any added bulkiness. I could've easily carried my big checkbook style wallet along with my purse kit and my normal makeup bag and still have a little room. However, if I'm carrying this kit then I obviously can consolidate/move things out of my purse kit into this kit. 

Overall, I think this is a great kit with all the essentials needed for on-the-go emergencies with some added 'prepper' bonus items such as the water filter, emergency heat blanket, and signalling mirror. And while I do think this kit is great, there are few things that I felt would've been nice to include especially for someone who might not be familiar with the some of the items in the kit.

  • A list of all the items included; yes you can find it one their website but having a small piece paper upon receiving the kit would be a more convenient way to reference some of the items.

  • Instructions on how to use some of the items included, such as the water filtration straw. The signalling mirror does have instructions printed on the back so that's a great bonus.

  • Labeling a few of the items. I had to go to the site to figure out what two items were and that was the petroleum cotton balls and duct tape. It wasn't hard but upon immediate glance, you sort of look at them and think, "What are these?"

  • I liked how they packed similar items together (pharmacy & outdoor). However, I would've like to have seen all the wipe type items in a similar ziploc type bag. The fresh cleansing wipe provided was dried out because the seal had opened up.

Most of these items probably won't be used that often so you'll want to make sure you perform quality checks to ensure they are still in working order. For instance, has that Lara Bar or any of those medications expired? Has any of the wipes dried out because they have accidentally been opened? These types of checks should be done on any type of bag so it's a good idea to get in the habit of doing that with this small kit especially if you are just starting out.

Disclosure: Thanks to WH Tactical for providing me their 'Her's Emergency Kit to review.  As always all opinions are my own.  You can read about my disclosure policies here.