Holiday Gift Guide :: Tactical


Today's gift guide is focused on all things tactical whether they be practical or fun. A few of my notable favorites, the brass knuckles coffee mug, the laser gun training kit (perfect for snowed in days), and the flashlight zipper pulls!

1. Leatherman Steel Bracelet (basically a simplified leatherman tool in the form of bracelet)
2. LaserLyte Laser Training Kit
3. SOG Tomahawk
4. Tactical NoteBook Cover (perfect for keeping notes about your range routine)
5. Tactical Stocking
6. 50 Cal Bottle Opener
7. SureFire E1D LED Defender
8. 5.11 Tactical Covert Backpack
9. Browning Zipper Flashlight (great for kids too)
10. Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug


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