Holiday Outfit Ideas

On top of the other stress that comes along with the holidays, the last thing I like to worry about is what I'm going to wear to whatever holiday gatherings end up on my calendar. Unless I'm being invited to a black tie event or pretty formal party during the holidays, I always like to keep within my style realm; which typically means pants. I'll throw on a skirt every now and then because you know I gotta keep people on their toes ;) I tend to be a repeat offender when it comes to outfits. It makes dressing easier but also having some go-to outfits in your wardrobe means you can easily swap out items with something new or more event appropriate.

Below I rounded up some past SMT holiday looks to give you some outfit inspo this holiday season and provided links to similar items since none of these actual pieces of clothing are available anymore. What you'll see is that any of these looks can be worn for almost any occasion but you'll see that they all have holiday theme. Each have been "dressed" up with some form of metallic, sequin, or glitter finish which also proves that you don't need to show up in red and green to be in the holiday spirit.  

Both the looks above are from recent concealed carry looks but you can see they easily work whether you carry a gun or not. And this season the velvet pants are my abosolute fave.

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